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Please review and score my TOEFL essay.

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Please review and score my TOEFL essay.  [#permalink]

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New post 31 Oct 2014, 03:03
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students' sports activities as they give to their university libraries. User specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

I agree with the statement, because I beleive that universities should devote the same amount of budget for sports activities as the libraries. In my opinion sports acitivities are one of the essential things to do during the studies at university and they improve the quality of education for sure. They also help many students discover their own talents in a special kind of sports.

Sports activities are essential for everyone at any age; therefore, they are essential for the young students at universities. Doing sports improves health and keeps the body fresh and active. For example, from time to time, we see old people who are very healthy and if you ever ask each of them what the secret of their health is, they will mention doing regular sports. Also, many researches have proven that sports keep the body fresh and improve the body's health.

Sports activities at universities will, of course, improve the overall quality of education for two main reasons. First, it helps the student concentrate better. Many researches have been done to show that any kind of sports activites during the day imrpoves the ability to concentrats. Therefore, better concentration leads to a better quality of education. Secondly, it helps students to release their energy. Everyone needs to release the energy inside their body in a way. There is no way better than sports activities to release you energy. For example, I keep sitting at my desk for long periods, whenever I feel that I have a lot of unreleased energy and I need to release it in a way, I go swimming and it helps a lot.

Many professional athletes these days have been discovered at universities. Sports activities will help a student to discover his talents for sure. Training under the supervision of a professional coach in a specific sport is very helpful. For example, one of my friends was a football fan but he never had the chance to have a professional training program. At university, he was discovered by the univerity's coach and was trained under his supervision and became a professional football player.

Sports acitivies should be taken very serious and receive the same amount of money as the libraries recevice at univerisities because they are as important as libraries. They are very important to keep students healthy and active at the univerisites and improve the overall educational quality based on research. They also are very important because many undiscovered talents are at universities and they will have the chance to get discovered.
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Please review and score my TOEFL essay.   [#permalink] 31 Oct 2014, 03:03

Please review and score my TOEFL essay.

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