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RC Ideas from MGMAT Experts

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Manhattan Prep Instructor
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RC Ideas from MGMAT Experts  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 28 Aug 2019, 04:48
I get asked about Reading Comprehension quite a bit. Many students simply don't know what they can do to improve. The obvious steps are (1) do a lot of practice problems and (2) read a lot, but I want to tell you about one more strategy that I use in my GMAT classes that seems to really affect the way students approach RC questions.

I give my students a sample GMAT short passage, but I don't give them the questions. I ask them to read the passage, taking notes if they choose. At the end of 3 minutes, I surprise them by asking them to cover up both the passage and their notes. Then I show them a mid-level (600 or so) question that asks something general about the passage (not a question that asks about a specific detail).

Some students are naturally good at RC and can successfully answer the question, but others understandably struggle. After all, if you're expecting to have a reference document, you don't need to retain anything, right? Actually, that's wrong! The whole point of the exercise is to teach students to make the absolute most of their first read. You want to understand at least enough of the passage so that if you have a conversation about it later, without having it in front of you, you will be able to recall how the passage is constructed and why it is important.

My next step is to tell the students that for homework, they should try one or two RC passages from the Official Guide the same way. There will be a crucial difference though: this time they will know what's coming! Now, they will read more actively the first time around, they will take notes because they want to remember and not because they want to copy, and they will recall information from the passage more vividly. What I find really interesting is that nearly all my students can still do this in only 3 minutes. The idea that better reading always takes more time is a fallacy: I think many times, better reading just takes desire. Many students even tell me that when they cover up the passage, they do better on those questions than they do otherwise! Of course, I don't recommend this rule for your real GMAT - I just would like you to try it when you study, and see if it improves the way you read.

Originally posted by rjacobsMGMAT on 13 Jun 2012, 13:51.
Last edited by SajjadAhmad on 28 Aug 2019, 04:48, edited 1 time in total.
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Re: RC Ideas from MGMAT Experts  [#permalink]

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New post 15 Jul 2013, 13:40
Hi Ryan,
Could you please let me know whether you've categorization of OG/Verbal review RC questions according to difficulty level and solutions for the same?

Appreciate your feedback.
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Senior Manager
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Re: RC Ideas from MGMAT Experts  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Jun 2012, 02:15
I'll agree with this. I've stated on here several times that taking notes in RC is an absolutely important step. Often times, I don't refer back to my notes. Instead, the process of taking good notes ingrains the meaning of the passage and particular points.
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Re: RC Ideas from MGMAT Experts  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Jun 2012, 02:42
Thanks for this. You're absolutely right.

I think one of the more helpful strategies I used is that I read through my notes BEFORE reading the first question. It helps me have that "bird's eye view" of the passage that I easily lose because of having a "worm's eye view" (especially when the passage is full of technicalities, I remember the MGMAT CAT question that discussed how LED and LCD monitors work, when I encountered it I wanted to commit harakiri) of the passage.
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Re: RC Ideas from MGMAT Experts  [#permalink]

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New post 30 Oct 2019, 19:24
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Re: RC Ideas from MGMAT Experts   [#permalink] 30 Oct 2019, 19:24
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RC Ideas from MGMAT Experts

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