April 11, 2020

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ApplicantLab and Maria got me into HBS and Wharton!!!

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If you're still wondering if you should work with ApplicantLab and Maria- I beg you to please give it a try. It will save you ~10K USD for the best-in-class admission help! In my application journey, I started with an hourly package with another consultant (not fo H/W) and I wasn't really happy with the limited tips I got from these expensive $350 per hour consultation and slow turnaround time. Then my friend referred me to the ApplicantLab and it was a game-changer for me! I wish I could have met ApplicantLab much earlier so I wouldn't even need to pay for those expensive hourly rates! The strategy section on the Lab was so intuitive that it allowed me to build a strong set of career goals and personal branding. The school-specific tips for essay writing are very detailed and inspiring! These tips are much more insightful than the ones I got from my hourly consultant despite the big agency name. (duh...they've got more money for marketing). The best thing is that you can read the tips inside and watch (tons of) videos as many times as you want for a one-time payment!

I also highly recommend the strategic essay review and interview prep with Maria. During these sessions, Maria offered very constructive feedback and she actually remembered my stories! For essay review after working through the steps on the ApplicantLab, I exclusively worked with ApplicantLab for my HBS and Wharton and loved the comments from Maria!

For HBS, I did a mock interview with Maria and also with another famous guy who specializes in HBS. Maria's mock session totally won! It's a lot more affordable and insightful than what was offered by the famous specialist. Maria read my entire application for HBS mock and she literally predicted 70% of my real interview questions!

Thank you Maria for creating the ApplicantLab!

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