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June 20, 2024

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ApplicantLab is amazing!!!

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I cannot express enough how incredible my experience was with ApplicantLab. From the very start, Maria went above and beyond in answering my questions. Her dedication and responsiveness made me feel supported and confident throughout the entire application process. The platform itself was fantastic – user-friendly, well-organized, and intuitive. It made the daunting application journey not only manageable but also very enjoyable. Investing in this service was hands down the best money I ever spent on my MBA application journey. It was truly my favorite part of the entire experience. The personalized support and the high-quality platform all contributed to getting into the school of my dreams! I highly recommend ApplicantLab to anyone embarking on their MBA application journey!!!

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May 06, 2024

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Multiple Admits + Multiple Full Scholarships, Beyond my wildest dreams!

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After writing the GRE, I thought I the most difficult part of the MBA Application process was over. However, upon starting the application process, I realized how lost I was, and how unprepared I was.

Luckily, discovering ApplicantLab early helped set me up on the right path. I love how it breaks the application process into bite-sized chunks, from research, to brainstorming, to the initial draft, to the final checks. ApplicantLab even provides details on how to contact students, and how to best use school websites to dig up interesting details. But perhaps what it does best is allow you to tell your best stories. Only after using ApplicantLab was I able to transform my essays from vapid word salads to deeply personal, unique, and powerful essays that showed why I wanted to get an MBA, and how I would use it to impart change in the world.

Even as an international student who is an overrepresented minority, I was able to obtain admission to a lower-ranked T-15 with a 120k scholarship and two T-20s with full scholarships. Quite frankly, due to my demographics, I had expected to not receive any money, and I am sure that my wonderful essays were instrumental in that.

All in all, Maria and her team at ApplicantLab have created a truly useful resource that can help you get into the school of your dreams!

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April 25, 2024

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7 applications; 6 interview invites; 6 admits; $300K+ scholarships!

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I'm an international student and the MBA application process initially was a bit daunting, and seeing the admission consultant prices spooked me even more. I looked for alternate options and came across ApplicantLab. I was initially sceptical as I was scared this would not have personalized information, but after reading client testimonials, I decided to take the chance and boy, did it pay out!!!

I applied to 7 schools in total - Stanford, Kellogg, Booth, Yale, Fuqua, Darden and Stern - and got interview invites from all of them except Stanford. All the interview invites converted and I received $300K+ in scholarships!

The Lab helped me across the process - some specific examples below:
•⁠ ⁠I loved how the Lab split the entire process into different modules and summarized it all into to-do lists. From initial identification of profile strengths & weaknesses, building career vision and brainstorming stories to writing the essays, LORs and resumes, the advice given is super helpful and gives the best structure to the whole process.

•⁠ ⁠The interview prep module is also amazing with school-specific advice and detailed videos for even the 1-minute video interviews that you would have to do for some schools

•⁠ ⁠The BEST thing about this is the team - my initial misconception that you might not have personalised advice was broken during the first review I had with Austin. She helped me perfect my initial story and gave me ideas on what I could do better and how I can show my story in the best way possible. I had my interview prep and school review with Ken and he gave me some great pointers on how I can make my essays better and how I can tell my stories better in my interviews. And Maria is always super responsive and gets back within a few hours, always positive and encouraging!

I would highly recommend the tool as you go through your application process, as an individual tool or complementary to other services that you are availing. The tool and the team behind it will have your back :)

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February 14, 2024

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Trying out ApplicantLab was the best chance that I took. I had just sat my first GMAT and was looking for guidance on how to tackle the whole application process. Coming from India, all those highly rated consultants who I felt would be the best for me, were priced completely out of my reach. To add to the cost was the fact that these consultants work in packages of 3 or 5 or more schools. This felt like a limiting factor. What if I wanted to apply to more schools? What if I changed my mind and wanted to apply to some other school than what we would decide initially? Do not misunderstand me. I come from a non-traditional background, and at that time, I also felt that I would be best served in a 1-1 model working with a consultant. But I also felt like that would hamper my originality.

In my research phase, I spoke with a lot of students and someone fleetingly mentioned Applicant Lab. It was after this that I tried the trial version and I was hooked! Applicant Lab felt like the perfect blend of the guidance I needed while keeping my originality intact and being able to tell my story in my way.

Another big factor was I wanted to be sure of the person I would be working with. I saw many of Maria’s videos on YouTube, and what struck me was how genuine she seemed, a good person, someone trustworthy, and I liked her sense of humor too!

Apart from the 1-year Lab subscription, I also took a Sanity Check since I was in a huge mess regarding my story. I am not exaggerating, Maria hand-held me throughout the process, helping me narrow down my choices and making me realize the holes in my initial story. I cannot thank her enough. There are almost 50 emails back and forth between Maria and me, and not once did I feel unwelcome. Maria will be your cheerleader in your journey.

Speaking about Applicant Lab, Maria has done a great job in distilling all the advice in bite-sized pieces that don’t overwhelm you. My advice would be to sign up well in advance so that you can follow through with all the advice at the intended pace. But you can also jump through modules as I did.

Coming from a non-traditional background, I was struggling with my resume. The way Maria has set up the Resume module - getting into the nitty-gritty is so good! The school-specific advice was a goldmine for me. I cannot speak highly enough of the value of this module especially.
Applicant Lab has some advice for every facet a candidate might need help with. Right from helping guide how to reach out to students and looking for potential companies to target, to giving tips on trying to re-negotiate scholarships, Applicant Lab has it all.

Another aspect of Applicant Lab that I liked is that it does not have any ‘sample’ essays or guides. There are excerpts only where Maria would just give you a flavor of the essence of how to go about telling your story, and that’s all. You have to think for yourself. And that’s the best part! You sharing your thoughts in your own words.

After I got my interview calls, I was worried about how to go about preparing for them. But Maria has covered interviewing ‘in detail’ within Applicant Lab. Just to give you an example, she even tells you how to position your camera and where to look, and a very funny, but extremely handy trick to use in training yourself to look at the camera when speaking!

I applied to 6 schools in R1 and interviewed at 5 of them. I got significant scholarships at 4 schools, and none of this would have been possible without Maria and Applicant Lab.

While concluding, I would like to point out that Applicant Lab is like a DIY admissions consultant. What I mean is, there will be no one pushing you and prodding you to get up and make the effort. You will need to be able to hold yourself accountable. And if you are someone like that, there is no better tool for you out there than Applicant Lab. This will be the best $300 you will spend.

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January 21, 2024

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All You Need for your MBA Application with the Lowest Cost


To give an overview of my profile and application journey, I applied to 3 M7, 2 T15, and 1 T20 schools. I have below average GMAT and GPA for all of them except 1 T20 school. I knew that I had to craft excellent applications and show the schools that I deeply researched them to stand a chance. And I did that with amazing resources at ApplicantLab. I went 5/6 on interviews and was accepted to Stern and UNC Kenan-Flagler ($$$$). At the start, ApplicantLab does a great job of establishing the right foundation(crafting your vision, why MBA, leadership stories, and resume) – I highly recommend the add-on service Sanity-Check-, which you build upon in later stages(essays and interviews) of your application. After that, Essay Advice and Interview Prep modules give you all you need to know to write killer essays and put your best foot forward during interviews.  Maria and her team are super responsive and they really care about the applicant’s success. I used all of their add-on services (sanity check, resume and essay review/polishing, interview prep), which I benefited a lot. In one instance, when I was running out of time to have an essay polishing service for one school before the deadline, Maria advised me to not take the risk and proceed without a polishing service, even though the advice was not in their best interest monetarily. I think this applicant-centric viewpoint and exceptionally detailed information make them the best consulting service out there.  To anyone interested in add-on services, I worked with Luqzan for my sanity check, essay/resume reviews, and interview prep. His help and the care he took were incredible throughout my application process. Wishing everyone the best of luck!

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December 22, 2023

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ApplicantLab- an investment that you'll never regret


ApplicantLab has lots of advantages. The school specific essay advice was something that stood out for me. I felt it was regularly updated and gives you proper guidance on how to shape your essays. ApplicantLab does not have support for certain schools and in those cases you can send an email using the prompt on the portal itself. Carin/Maria promptly reply to all the emails within a day and I always heard back from them when I was confused. I literally asked questions like "I have idea 1 vs idea 2" which would stand out better so it was nowhere like no consultant

After you are done with your essays there is an option to get their consultant to review it.

The guys who review your essays are alumni of top business schools and they really know what they are doing. To top that of, if you need a re-review of the essay for the same school you will get it at half the price. I remember getting my essays to these schools 4 times until I hit the right story.
I credit my admission to Foster, Scheller, McCombs(each with fee waivers of 70% at least) totally to ApplicantLab.
Thank you very much! Quality topped with affordability makes you a gem!

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December 20, 2023

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No brainer - save thousands of $$


An excellent and well thought out product that contains all that you could possibly need from admissions consulting.

- Guided process to help develop your MBA story
- In-depth information about what schools are looking for
- Guides for every question you could find on an application
- Detailed interview guides
- Resume advice
- And best of all, super fast answers to any questions that you email Maria about.

I literally do not understand why you would pay a small fortune to admissions consultant when you can find everything with ApplicantLab. In fact, even if you have a consultant, spending the $300 or so makes sense to me in order to get access to all this material, guides, and online application tracking system.

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November 06, 2023

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ApplicantLab review


ApplicantLab really helped me a lot to craft essays for schools on my own at a nominal price. It has detailed advice for each question for most of the top schools. I especially like how you can read specific areas based on how much time you have to devote. If you are in a hurry, you can skip to the gist of the advice and if you have time at hand then you can go through the detailed videos. When all is done, I would suggest getting your essays reviewed by your peers or someone who has experience writing/reviewing school essays.

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September 05, 2023

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Perfect Self-Guided Tool for Non-Traditional Applicants

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ApplicantLab is an ideal MBA application tool for candidates who need support in developing their "story" without spending thousands of dollars for a consultant. Maria's guidance is thoughtful, her videos are funny, and it's apparent that she genuinely cares about users' MBA results.

With ApplicantLab's support, I was accepted with significant scholarships to Michigan Ross, Northwestern Kellogg, and Chicago Booth. While much of the tool is self-guided, Maria was responsive to questions I asked on my resume, finalizing my post-MBA career goals, and negotiating my scholarships after I was accepted in R2. ApplicantLab's advice helped me secure $35K extra in scholarship support while I made my school decision (Insane ROI considering what I paid to use the service).

Thanks, ApplicantLab!!!

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August 14, 2023

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Applicant Lab was a game-changer for me! Coming from Vietnam, I did not have a lot of access to the business school's info sessions - Applicant Lab took it to the next level with specific school details to help with essay and application strategies for a fraction of the price! On top of that, the HBS mock interview that I did with Maria was also empowering and gave me confidence and improvement points so I felt comfortable going to the actual interview, and ultimately secured the offer from HBS.

Would highly recommend it to everyone who is applying to business schools, thank you, Maria!

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