May 24, 2021

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Best investment ever


When I signed up for ApplicantLab I thought that I was buying material for application to B-schools but what I got was much-much more. The guidance was EXHAUSTIVE to being with - the team had thought through all possible scenarios an applicant could have and illustrated them with examples. For each essay, I had a structure in place even before I wrote the first word, which made writing the essays much easier. I wrote all of the essays for INSEAD, the school where I ultimately got an admit, in just 5 days. This tool is especially helpful if you are applying to multiple schools.

On top of this amazing guidance, Maria and Carin were available for any questions I might have. I could ask them for suggestions on what I could add in an essay given my unique circumstances and they always responded within 24 hours.

Overall I would highly recommend this for B-school application, even if you are taking help from other sources.

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