Admitted to INSEAD
February 26 | 2014
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Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: ARINGO School Packages
Consultant: Lainie Cogan

Before I contacted Aringo I was already sure about my first choice school (INSEAD), so I looked into the number of successful applications they had for INSEAD and contacted them. They replied immediately, which was an important factor that made me choose Aringo. Especially because I was only two months from the round 2 deadline and I had just started the online application. My TOEFL was pending and I wanted to retake the GMAT. In addition, I was unsure about what documents I would need from my university and how I would get them since I was living far from my home country.

I was stressed and in a hurry and Lainie and the Aringo team managed to work on time with quality during the entire process.

Finnaly, I have been accepted into INSEAD and I am sure that without Lainie’s criticism and perfectionism it would’ve been really hard to achieve my dream, if not impossible.

Thank you Aringo!

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