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Some, but not all

Being an Indian candidate comes with its challenges and at the same time not everyone out there can help non US/Europe candidates bring the best out in their applications. But after working with Chris and MBA Prep School I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about putting in a strong application to a top b school.

Worked with Chris throughout my application process. Unlike a lot of other consultants out there MBA Prep School offers a very personalized experience, I talked with Chris many times over the phone as well in addition to normal editing. Despite the massive time difference he was always available and post editing the difference was there to see.

I did not have the best GMAT out there but with his help and planning I managed to get a Top European Program. The MBA Prep School online process is simple and anyone can use it without hassle. 24 hour turn around usually meant your edited documents were back in lesser than 24 hours. Chris knew the specific needs of individual B school essays and that made all the difference. He knows individual B school cultures inside out and brings that out in your application, without which a strong candidate too doesn't stand a chance at the best B schools.

I used MBA Prep School's mock interview service as well and I have to say the mock interview was tougher than my actual interview. No aspect of my application or essays was left untouched and Chris made sure the interview experience was akin to the actual culture of the B school.

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