March 23, 2015

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Me + Tyler Cormney = HBS Bound!

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Where do I even begin? Let's start here: I'm going to HBS in the fall and Tyler Cormney played an integral role in making that dream happen. He is professional, personable and, as they might say in Boston, wicked smaht. It's possible my experiences with Boston thus far have been limited to my HBS interview and watching Good Will Hunting, but I digress.

Tyler is uniquely qualified within the admissions consulting world because he has both a Harvard MBA and a Master's in Professional Writing from USC. This means he has the business acumen to understand your experience and recognize which parts of your background are truly differentiating factors, and the writing chops to craft your story and make your essays really sing.

I was initially torn on whether or not to even hire an admissions consultant for my application process. The service seemed to be overpriced, and many of the consultants I screened before Tyler did nothing to convince me otherwise. Once I got on the phone with Tyler, my opinion changed completely. Based only on a small handful of biographical questions, Tyler was able to connect several seemingly disparate parts of my background and tie them all together into a coherent and powerful story. This type of brilliance became commonplace over the six months Tyler and I worked together.

Tyler is also remarkably patient and calm - two qualities that come in especially handy when dealing with nervous business school applicants. After submitting the applications for my top two schools, I was completely buried at work and had to put the rest of my applications on hold. I eventually found myself in the unenviable position of needing to put together an entire application, from scratch, in less than two weeks. When I got back in touch with Tyler, he told me not to worry and sent me a few ideas he had been working on while I had been away. I spent the next several days trying to execute on the themes we had discussed, but just couldn't get the application materials where we wanted them. At this point, we had less than a week before the deadline. It would have been so, so easy for Tyler to either a) throw up his hands and say the materials were good enough, or b) push that application back to round 2. Instead, he buckled down with me, shortened his turnaround times for new drafts, and helped me polish the materials all the way up until the application deadline. I was accepted to this top 5 program as well.

I honestly can't recommend Tyler Cormney enough. He is the best investment I have ever made, and I consider him a good friend.

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