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Go with Catherine!


An MBA application is a bit of a slog and - coming from a slightly atypical non-MBA feeder background and a profession which entailed regular work weekends / late nights - I was fairly sure that I required the services of a consultant so that I could turn in the best applications possible. I set up calls with almost all of the top admission consultants and ultimately decided to go with Catherine Tuttle from Fortuna Admissions - that was one of my best decisions during the applications process!

An admission consultant is a slightly strange animal, part-adviser, part-mentor and part-friend. At the same time though, the applicant is the story-teller - the value of a consultant lies in identifying the right stories to tell, in shifting the wheat from the chaff! If I had to pick qualities in an ideal admission consultant they would probably be (in no particular order): quality of initial brain-storming (e.g. selection of key character points / stories), patience and flexibility, turn-around time and pertinent yet focused comments on an applicant's essays!

Catherine ticked all of these attributes in spades. I applied to three top business schools and received admission offers to all three of them. I have come to regard Catherine more as a friend than a consultant and remain exceedingly grateful to have had the benefit of her constant support and encouragement during my application process.

If you are looking to engage a consultant, I would whole-heartedly recommend Catherine's services and encourage you to set up a preliminary call with her. Hopefully, she can assist you in your MBA journey in the same way she assisted mine!

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