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Duke Fuqua former Associate Program Director

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<p>Catherine started her career in higher education at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business where she spent almost six years, first as the marketing manager for multiple departments including Admissions, the Career Management Center and the Health Sector Management program, and finally as an Associate Director within the Career Management Center where her main role was leading the career counseling team in the creation, implementation and evaluation of all career programs offered to Daytime and Executive MBA students.&nbsp; She also served as the liaison between the Career Management Center and other departments including Admissions where she gave numerous presentations to prospective students addressing best practices for preparing for business school from a career standpoint and ways to engage with the Center before, during and after their time at Fuqua.</p><p>For the past four years, Catherine has been the Manager of Alumni Career Services at North Carolina State University where she provides career coaching including resume development, job search guidance and interview preparation assistance to alumni ranging from one year to over twenty years out of school including those with advanced degrees.&nbsp; &nbsp;In this role she also works with employers interested in hiring NC State graduates and partners with Economic Development to support work force initiatives and employers interested in re-locating to the Triangle area.</p><p>Catherine also has her own resume writing business, Forward Thinking Resumes, where she consults with clients from across the country and creates strategic resumes that speak to the job they want, not the jobs they’ve had.</p><p>Catherine holds two degrees from NC State University including a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master’s Degree in Education.</p>

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Thank you Catherine!
June 06 | 2018
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     By PrivateEquityCPA 5 10
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I really enjoyed my time working with Catherine. She coached me through three round-two applications and I was admitted to two schools – UNC and Emory which included a scholarship for half of my tuition. I’m from an over represented applicant pool with a 700 GMAT and less than a 3.0 GPA from an unknown undergrad. I truly believe Catherine made a huge impact, and I highly recommend her to any potential MBA applicant.

First thing I did was complete a very thorough worksheet that spelled out my background, my career accomplishments, career path, extra-curriculars, recommenders and my general strengths and weaknesses. Then we had a long phone-call so I could explain anything she still had questions about. I really thought this was a tremendous way for us to get to know each other.

In addition to helping me pick my mix of target schools, Catherine gave me tips and tricks to help me network better with students and alumni. I immediately reached out to student’s at all three schools and scheduled visits. Without her direction, I would’ve skipped this crucial step.

Catherine’s help with my essays was by far the most helpful aspect of this whole process. I had struggled round one, unsure which themes to focus on or what aspects of my background I should highlight. Catherine helped me not only select which topics/essays I should write, but also helped me condense them down into the tight word limits. I can’t stress enough how helpful this was. I was losing sleep over the essays I’d done on my own and probably re-wrote them 10-12 times. That totally changed working with Catherine.

She also kept me on target for my deadlines. Everything was reviewed closely by her and Judith in advance of the deadline. None of my applications were fire drills. This made the process considerably less stressful.

Finally, when I signed up with Fortuna, I had already received an interview invitation from Georgetown. Judith was kind enough to offer a complimentary interview prep session even though we hadn’t worked on the school together which gave me a ton of confidence going into the interview.

I can’t recommend Catherine and Judith enough. They really made the MBA application process easy and enjoyable process. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!

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     By dakhart 0
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I worked on my applications with Catherine after a consultation with Judith, who helped with the process later as well. I hadn't had a chance to study in the US before and I realized how little I knew about the essays, CV format, and even schools themselves. Instead of targeting just "top schools", I found the ones that were a perfect fit for me. I had a low GMAT score, well below the target schools' average, however, with Catherine's and Judith's experience we were able to highlight my other strengths and I was admitted to all three schools they helped me with. One of the schools even offered a scholarship!
Catherine supported and encouraged me during the application process and interviews and with Judith's involvement I knew exactly what to do every step of the way.
Choosing Fortune Admissions was the right decision for me and their services worth every penny. If you have doubts, just take the free consultation option!

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Go with Catherine!
May 25 | 2018
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     By quenyan 3 5
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An MBA application is a bit of a slog and - coming from a slightly atypical non-MBA feeder background and a profession which entailed regular work weekends / late nights - I was fairly sure that I required the services of a consultant so that I could turn in the best applications possible. I set up calls with almost all of the top admission consultants and ultimately decided to go with Catherine Tuttle from Fortuna Admissions - that was one of my best decisions during the applications process!

An admission consultant is a slightly strange animal, part-adviser, part-mentor and part-friend. At the same time though, the applicant is the story-teller - the value of a consultant lies in identifying the right stories to tell, in shifting the wheat from the chaff! If I had to pick qualities in an ideal admission consultant they would probably be (in no particular order): quality of initial brain-storming (e.g. selection of key character points / stories), patience and flexibility, turn-around time and pertinent yet focused comments on an applicant's essays!

Catherine ticked all of these attributes in spades. I applied to three top business schools and received admission offers to all three of them. I have come to regard Catherine more as a friend than a consultant and remain exceedingly grateful to have had the benefit of her constant support and encouragement during my application process.

If you are looking to engage a consultant, I would whole-heartedly recommend Catherine's services and encourage you to set up a preliminary call with her. Hopefully, she can assist you in your MBA journey in the same way she assisted mine!

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Catherine Tuttle- Fortuna
March 21 | 2017
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     By bballallstar6464 4 1
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I did a lot of diligence going into the process, researching and speaking to probably about 10 different consultants. Being sold by so many different consultants, I really wanted true honesty from a consultant. It seemed like every initial phone conversation I had I was being told I could get into H/S/W. Fortuna separated themselves right off the bat in that regard offering me what I felt was an objective and realistic assessment of my chances at various schools.

I signed up for the comprehensive school package for 3 schools. Fortuna touts themselves as the "premium" option amongst their peers. Their ability to do this stems from the unique set up and group of talent at the firm. The core group of founders at Fortuna all have the highest qualifications (all ex admissions directors) and at minimum review the application for submission. The consultant you work with has daily dialogue with that core group regarding your application.

Catherine specifically went to extra lengths to help me. As we both live in the same city, she met every Saturday for about a two month stretch at a local Panera as I felt it was easier to work in person.

I am not sure if its because they are a newer firm with few clients but I received far more attention I expected. Another firm touts "48 hour email response time"... Catherine never took longer than 4 hours. I had an equally accommodating experience scheduling spur of the moment phone calls to review a question.

Overall very happy. If you are reading this, you are likely questioning why almost every consultant has 5 stars and probably questioning the legitimacy of said reviews. For what its worth, take it from me and give Fortuna a shot- it paid off for me.

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Huge Help!
January 01 | 2017
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     By MBASlayer242424 0
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I really cannot thank Catherine and Judith enough for helping me get into a top school. I was a prospective student with a low GMAT score initially. After starting to work with Catherine and Judith, I ended up delaying my application. This was because we decided I needed to get my GMAT score up in order to apply and get accepted into a top school. They could've pushed me to just apply the first time around because it was easier, but they guided me toward the longer, harder road. Because I delayed and restarted my application the next year, they essentially worked with me twice. They were so supportive the entire time and really pushed me to get my story straight. Each of our session were like a therapy session to dig deeper and bring out my true story. We looked to showcase my authentic self in my application and I cannot thank Catherine and Judith for pushing me on this.

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The Best!
December 16 | 2016
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     By Defacto404 6 5
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Having gone through the application process unsuccessfully the previous year I am able to especially appreciate the constant support and guidance that I have received from Catherine throughout my application journey this year. We worked together on three schools and I received admission offers from two of them while being wait-listed for the third.

I daresay I actually enjoyed the application process this time around as Catherine not only helped me identify the right schools but also helped me present my best case as to why I should be a part of their class. Her suggestions and interventions made all the difference in my applications and interviews and her constant availability and support helped make this a stress-free experience.

Looking back I do not think I could have asked for a better guide. Going to Business School is a significant investment of time and money and is probably one of the most important decisions I have made. I am glad to have had Catherine's advice, encouragement and support during this journey and could not recommend her and Fortuna highly enough.

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     By connorpmckenna 0
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I had the pleasure of working with Catherine Tuttle and Judith Hodara, and could not have been happier with their services.

I went through initial consultations at many of the top ranked admissions consulting agencies, and I always got the feeling that I was just another name on a piece of paper, with a series of boxes beneath that name the consultant wanted to check off. "I'm going to have you meet with your recommenders, brainstorm essay ideas, submit drafts, meet with schools.." etc. etc. I never felt a personal connection, and was nervous to work with someone who had a full-time job in a different industry, where priorities could become a problem.

Fortuna separated themselves immediately by taking a step back and really trying to understand who I was before we jumped into applications - they took the time to chat with me and had me fill out a self-survey to learn what I was about. In this way, the whole process became customized, rather than the assembly line I felt the other agencies offered. It was their nuanced understanding of my personality and my goals that enabled them to give me honest and constructive feedback every step of the way throughout our working relationship, while creating honest and authentic applications. Catherine and Judith went above and beyond in establishing a trusting relationship, and made sure to push me to make sure I stayed on track.

Overall, Fortuna's team was professional, clear subject matter experts, relentless, responsive, and caring. Could not be happier with my decision to work with them, and happily on my way to CBS in fall of 2016.

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