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After having unsuccessful admission Round 2 in 2018, I reached out to Fortuna Admissions for help to apply in R1 to top 15 US B Schools. They connected me with Catherine as they thought that we would be a good fit and she can be great guide considering my profile. Today I can say that they can't be more sure.

She was very systematic in her approach and knew what the applicants’ strengths were and how to leverage them. She was always ready to talk to on any aspect of application and that is what I was looking for. I wanted to work with consultant who believed in more personal interaction/attention and did not want communication just over mail. And Catherine was exactly like that.

We started working on Resume and she made sure that every bullet point highlighted my key strengths and impact I had at work and in community involvement. After Resume we started working on essays. What I really liked about her was that she ensured that every word in essay was making sense and answered the question that was asked in essay. Further she was very punctual and quick in giving feedback. She always submitted the feedback on each aspect within 36-48 hrs at max. This allowed me to make as many changes as possible and do more and more research on my goals possible. This was game changer as from my experience of two admission round I feel that having a good research on ST/LT goals, Why MBA and Why particular B school allowed me to weave "watertight" stories and finally helped me to secure admit to top B school.

Further she helped me in structuring my essays and we were able to highlight the right aspects of my background and tell a meaningful and authentic story. After going through one unsuccessful and one successful application process I can say that it is because of her meticulous and committed efforts I could get admit from Duke Fuqua and Ross - my top choices and Interview Invite from CBS. While working with her I felt that I was working with a professional consultant but more than that it felt more like a friend and guide who really wanted me to secure admit to top schools. I would encourage prospective applicant who is looking for not just a MBA consultant but a guide, mentor and most importantly friend to work with Catherine. I am glad to have her on my side.

I also thank entire team of Fortuna Admission for their back end support.

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