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Without the help of fortuna admissions I would not have gotten into my top choice school, CBS. I came to fortuna through a referral and Judith was quick to hop on a call with me to understand my background and needs. I spent 2018-2022 singing opera but realized I wanted to transition my career into business in 2020. I was interested in management consulting and she suggested I speak with a former client who had also sung opera before transitioning into management consulting with BCG. After speaking with him I felt confident that I could apply despite my non traditional background. Judith arranged a few meet and greets with potential admissions consultants, and after a few minutes on zoom with Catherine Tuttle, I knew she was the one for me. She proceeded to guide me through the whole process. We started with networking and school webinars. I shared my life story, reflecting on my interests, strengths and weaknesses, which later became the basis of my essays. Before I knew it we had crafted a whole set of essays and a credible story for admissions committees. She also listened to me whine constantly for the first month about the GMAT. She was also extremely empathetic while I dealt with my imposter syndrome, but encouraged me to believe I could get into a great school. She was organized, efficient, knowledgeable, a terrific writer/editor, and just plain fun to talk to. She was happy to jump on a call at any time, though we had a regular zoom time each week to pow wow and organize. After I got over my initial giggles at our mock interviews, her prep allowed me to be calm and collected in all my interviews. I was also waitlisted to my top school and 2 others, and her advice sealed the deal for my admission as I navigated the waitlist. I absolutely could not have done it without Catherine.

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