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Thank you Catherine!


I really enjoyed my time working with Catherine. She coached me through three round-two applications and I was admitted to two schools – UNC and Emory which included a scholarship for half of my tuition. I’m from an over represented applicant pool with a 700 GMAT and less than a 3.0 GPA from an unknown undergrad. I truly believe Catherine made a huge impact, and I highly recommend her to any potential MBA applicant.

First thing I did was complete a very thorough worksheet that spelled out my background, my career accomplishments, career path, extra-curriculars, recommenders and my general strengths and weaknesses. Then we had a long phone-call so I could explain anything she still had questions about. I really thought this was a tremendous way for us to get to know each other.

In addition to helping me pick my mix of target schools, Catherine gave me tips and tricks to help me network better with students and alumni. I immediately reached out to student’s at all three schools and scheduled visits. Without her direction, I would’ve skipped this crucial step.

Catherine’s help with my essays was by far the most helpful aspect of this whole process. I had struggled round one, unsure which themes to focus on or what aspects of my background I should highlight. Catherine helped me not only select which topics/essays I should write, but also helped me condense them down into the tight word limits. I can’t stress enough how helpful this was. I was losing sleep over the essays I’d done on my own and probably re-wrote them 10-12 times. That totally changed working with Catherine.

She also kept me on target for my deadlines. Everything was reviewed closely by her and Judith in advance of the deadline. None of my applications were fire drills. This made the process considerably less stressful.

Finally, when I signed up with Fortuna, I had already received an interview invitation from Georgetown. Judith was kind enough to offer a complimentary interview prep session even though we hadn’t worked on the school together which gave me a ton of confidence going into the interview.

I can’t recommend Catherine and Judith enough. They really made the MBA application process easy and enjoyable process. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!

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