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LOW GPA Success with Fortuna


When I was weighing my options on whether or not to get an MBA, I was making really really good money. However, it wasn't what I ultimately wanted to do long term and knew that I needed to go back to school to ultimately get me into a more challenging and beneficial (long term role). For an MBA to worth my time, I knew I would have to get into a top ranked program. However, there was one serious problem with doing so: I had a terrible undergraduate GPA - A whopping 2.5. Something I never thought I would be able to overcome. I spoke to numerous admissions consultants through the free consultations they offer who advised me that while it was certainly possible to get into a top 30 program, that I shouldn't get my hopes up. Queue the scene from Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd Christmas says "So you're saying there's a chance" and that's about how I felt at that moment.

So that's when the work started:
I took an MBA math class to provide an alternative transcript (receiving an A) and I started studying earnestly for the GMAT. Target Test Prep (and Catherine at Fortuna,but more about her later) literally changed my life. While I was nearing the end of my test prep through TTP, Scott with TTP sent out an email recommending Fortuna Admissions consulting. Because I had a very low undergrad GPA (2.5), I knew that I had to hire an admissions consultant to give me a fighting chance at a top program. I reached out to Fortuna and spoke to Catherine Tuttle who gave me a sober but simultaneously encouraging outlook on my admissions chances. I ultimately chose to work with Fortuna and namely Catherine Tuttle because of the overwhelming majority of former admissions officers that are on staff there. I mean it was a serious peace of mind knowing that the former director of admissions at Wharton was reviewing my apps before I clicked submit. I needed real insight and I felt the best way to get INSIGHT was through someone who had actually been on the INSIDE.

We discussed my GMAT tests scores (710, good but not anything remarkable) , work experience, etc; and she encouraged me to actually aim higher than I had previously thought was possible (based on previous conversations with admissions consultants and forums like reddit). Catherine helped me pick the perfect amount of reach, target, and safety schools (ranging from 10th to 25th rankings). She was particularly valuable in helping me navigate the relative strengths of the individual programs for which I was applying and also in recommending programs that I had not previously considered. In fact, I will actually be matriculating at a program to which she recommended to me. Catherine was absolutely instrumental in helping me craft my "story" as well as the navigating minutia of MBA admissions such as networking with students, reviewing essays, picking recommenders, etc. Because of Catherine's help, I will be matriculating at a top 20 program this fall, something I never thought was possible 12 months ago.

So if your profile doesn't fit the box for the program you are shooting for, I highly highly highly recommend Fortuna. Yes, admissions consultants can be expensive, but you get what you pay for. However, in the scheme of things, that cost is nothing compared to the opportunity cost of missing work for 2 years and the cost of tuition. You might as well have peace of mind knowing that you are going to the best school possible. Ultimately, I was admitted to a top 20 program and multiple top 25's (with scholarship). My story is an admissions miracle that I know for a fact that would have not happened without Catherine Tuttle's help.

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