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Emma takes a very structured approach in a B-school application process. She spends a lot of time initially to understand you personally before diving into the application. My essays, other application questions, went through a number of iterations before we were both satisfied with them. The final drafts are always so much better than the initial ones. Emma knows how to get the best out of you and suggest ways through which you can make your application stand out. She even helped me connect with her past students to get more insights on my target schools. I can confidently say that had it not been for Emma, I would have not been able to get an admit into my target school.

One of the most important aspect of the process is the level of comfort you can have with your councillor – in extremely critical situations of the applications, I always got off a call with Emma felling very relaxed with clarity on the next steps. Emma is someone who would go that extra mile to help you – be it the application, interviews or scholarships. She is easily approachable, very quick to turn around with her reviews and would often even take out time on weekends/public holidays if required.

Working with Emma has been a partnership in a process that can get very challenging at times. It is extremely critical to work with someone who is there for you throughout this 6-7 months long process and constantly helps you move forward in the right direction. Emma was not my coach, but a partner in this journey and the admit was not just mine, it was ours!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Emma to anyone looking to get into top 10 business schools.

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