2 years journey with Jennifer
January 18 | 2017
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Consultant: Jennifer Bloom

What a process this has been! I am a reapplicant who came very close the first time and got accepted to 2/3 (top 5 business schools) in my second attempt (with scholarship money from each).

The journey would not have been successful nor would have been the same without Jennifer and Accepted by my side. Being from a non-traditional background, I had little clue about admissions consulting. The reviews online provided too many options. I was referred to her unambiguously by a friend who had made it to Stanford. I took a leap of faith and have had no regrets since.

Jennifer has years of successful experience with many MBA applicants but still remains down to earth and easily accessible. From her experience, she has deep knowledge and insights into what is required for all top B schools. She is brutally honest upfront, a very important skill to have as an admissions consultant. Throughout she was like a mirror to which I can always turn to for honest feedback.

Her biggest strength is her editing skills. She can do magic with words, but is a perfectionist at the same time- a rare combination to have. Word limits and precision of speech are no longer obstacles if you are working with her!

Her other big asset is accessibility and a sense of calm in all situations. MBA application process is long and stressful. There are times when you naturally become obsessed over small details and/or need clarification about things that you may normally ignore. You need a partner, a confidante who can help you navigate these times while remaining patient and non judgmental. She keeps herself super organized, which helps her to achieve a high turnaround time even at peak times. There was never a time she refused to edit a last minute essay change or a last minute email to adcom/interviewer. I cannot think of a more calm and professional person. She genuinely cared for my success throughout this long journey and she demonstrated this by her tremendous work ethic and not by flowery language.

I believe that and Linda support and encourage this work ethic. Through my reapplication I worked briefly with other companies. But no other company comes close to Accepted when it comes to being driven by client success and genuine long -term relationship building, and not primarily by money or profits. The amount of editing/admissions consulting that Jennifer can deliver in 1 hour is just unbelievable!! Give it a shot

I have learnt a lot in this exciting 2 year journey which fortunately led to a positive result at the end. More than the result, the journey itself has made me a better person. I am proud and happy that I had Jennifer to guide me all along this difficult path.

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