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February 18, 2021

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Winning application within a 1-month timeline


I worked very closely with Jennifer for my INSEAD application and I ultimately secured an admit from the school with a scholarship!

I want to thank Jennifer for her guidance and expertise in this incredibly challenging process. With only 1.5 months to INSEAD's deadline, I had little time to meet the submission timeline while overcoming the challenges of developing my first application.

I was looking for a consultant who has a long track record and a proven ability to deliver success within a very short period of time, given the timeline I had. I started searching around for suitable consultant bios and after hearing a GMATClub-hosted talk on YouTube by's founder Linda Abraham, I decided to look through Accepted’s consultant bios. That’s when Jennifer’s client reviews also stood out to me.

I read all of Jennifer’s reviews on Accepted, GMATClub, and several other sources prior to meeting her over a call. In that free consultation call, Jennifer assessed my initial odds given my profile and career goals in relation to my target and reach schools (INSEAD, Wharton, HBS, MIT) and gave useful tips on how to navigate applications for US B-schools given my age profile. At this point in time, I was certain that she understood my position and profile, and it helped me decide on working with her.

Jennifer lives up to her reputation as a star consultant. Here's why:

1) Exceptional empathy
- Having given Jennifer a very in-depth 55-page breakdown of my background (from where I was born, my developmental influences as a person, my military experiences, and my career stories), I actually felt awkward - I was telling someone I met for the first time my (almost) entire life story in a 55-pager, trying to get to the details as much as I could. Jennifer was very sensitive to what I was trying to say and empathetic in the way she handled the stories I wrote – it made me felt much more comfortable in trusting her with this information. On top of that, Jennifer went through all 55 pages of it in just 1 night, turning around with her advice in under 24 hours.

- When going through my personal stories, Jennifer helped me see my achievements in a different light and highlighted select key influences that formed the fundamental cornerstones in writing a genuine, persuasive, and original application. Having to juggle a rigorous project at work as well, I had difficulties keeping to a similar quick turnaround for Jennifer. She helped me stay on track through gentle reminders and emails checking in on my progress to offer any help she could. I would say she was instrumental in helping me tackle the highly rigorous application process for INSEAD, all of these within a very tight 1-month timeline.

2) Service excellence
- As mentioned and having experienced her quick turnaround myself, Jennifer was able to give her feedback on my stories and application essays (on top of navigating other client applications) mostly within 24-48 hours. She was also very professional and provided very prompt feedback, and was readily available through text, calls, and emails. Knowing that Jennifer was accessible and very quick in her turnaround helped allay my anxiety and gave me confidence that I could work with her closely to turn in a winning application.

3) Sharp and effective feedback
- Jennifer demonstrated a very high level of attention to detail as well as objectivity, helping me look at the stories I wrote through the school's perspective.
- Most importantly, Jennifer was ready to give you that tough love on your application through her direct and clear feedback. This helped me push my application to new levels and ultimately, a winning one.

I am very appreciative and thankful to Jennifer for helping me realize a long-time personal goal. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is applying to B-school (especially for the first time or looking to turnaround their applications).

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May 01, 2020

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Created a Great Application Package in Tight Timeframe


I'm very happy to write a review recommending Jennifer and's services. Between a job with long hours and a relatively late start to studying for the GMAT, I was left with no more than 2-3 weeks to apply to schools in Round 2.

Jennifer was critical to this endeavour. I specifically valued her: (i) guidance on essays, with multiple iterations to make sure I was thinking deeply about my "story" and communicating it clearly; (ii) resume editing, which removed a lot of bloat and made it much more impactful; (iii) assistance in filling up the application, ensuring that I used the limited space available effectively; and (iv) interview preparation.

I would be remiss not to call out her responsiveness. She stuck to her one-day turnaround despite my late start and continually improved my applications, even going back and forth with me hours (and, in some cases, minutes!) before school deadlines.

I was interviewed by every school I applied to and accepted at multiple top schools, including CBS, which I will be attending. I am very grateful to have had a partner like Jennifer through this process!

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May 27, 2019

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Thank you Jennifer


My earlier attempts at MBA applications had failed, so this time I talked to many admission consultants and based on my conversations and my friend’s past experiences, I decided to go with Jennifer. I used Jennifer’s guidance to submit my applications to four business schools in the US. I knew I had great profile on paper, but I was looking for guidance on how to craft my essays and tell my story in a compelling way. Jennifer had the unique ability to pick up the most important things from my diverse eight years of work experiences. She tries to understand you deeply and help you genuinely. I am very very satisfied with her. She has been very professional, prompt, and open in her conversations.

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November 24, 2018

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Great advisor, quick and precise responses


I was having a hard time combining my job responsibilities with the application process, I wrote my essays but felt that they were not clear enough as were my ideas. After a deep research I chose as my ally, there I met Jennifer a very kind, patient, and agile consultant. She has influenced me to develop a unique perspective, to focus my essays and my professional path, in such a way that I can exploit my full image to AdComs through writings as well as during the interview.
I worked with her my resume, the essays (admission and scholarship) and a mock interview in a previous day. Since the beginning she was precise when giving ideas, very critical when analyzing my ideas but kind to offer more alternatives than expected, experienced in fitting my words, and quick to reply my mails despite the difference in time zones. She made me feel comfortable with service leaving out the stress of the processes.
Something I overlooked is that the link between Accepted and Jennifer was really fast, in less than a week after buying the assessment package I was scheduling the work sessions with her.

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April 20, 2017

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Best MBA consultant, ever!

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Jennifer has been a great support to me during the application process. I would like to call out her resume edits specially, she helped me shape my resume into one that was crisp and yet very effective. She helped me think through my experiences and articulate them to convey the message I wanted to in the finest form. She was very responsive and was supremely professional. She was a keen listener and had great eye for details. She has been patient throughout the process, and her calmness often gave me the strength to stand strong during the application process :) I would highly recommend Jennifer and the services of Accepted and Linda, to all the applicants.

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January 18, 2017

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2 years journey with Jennifer


What a process this has been! I am a reapplicant who came very close the first time and got accepted to 2/3 (top 5 business schools) in my second attempt (with scholarship money from each).

The journey would not have been successful nor would have been the same without Jennifer and Accepted by my side. Being from a non-traditional background, I had little clue about admissions consulting. The reviews online provided too many options. I was referred to her unambiguously by a friend who had made it to Stanford. I took a leap of faith and have had no regrets since.

Jennifer has years of successful experience with many MBA applicants but still remains down to earth and easily accessible. From her experience, she has deep knowledge and insights into what is required for all top B schools. She is brutally honest upfront, a very important skill to have as an admissions consultant. Throughout she was like a mirror to which I can always turn to for honest feedback.

Her biggest strength is her editing skills. She can do magic with words, but is a perfectionist at the same time- a rare combination to have. Word limits and precision of speech are no longer obstacles if you are working with her!

Her other big asset is accessibility and a sense of calm in all situations. MBA application process is long and stressful. There are times when you naturally become obsessed over small details and/or need clarification about things that you may normally ignore. You need a partner, a confidante who can help you navigate these times while remaining patient and non judgmental. She keeps herself super organized, which helps her to achieve a high turnaround time even at peak times. There was never a time she refused to edit a last minute essay change or a last minute email to adcom/interviewer. I cannot think of a more calm and professional person. She genuinely cared for my success throughout this long journey and she demonstrated this by her tremendous work ethic and not by flowery language.

I believe that and Linda support and encourage this work ethic. Through my reapplication I worked briefly with other companies. But no other company comes close to Accepted when it comes to being driven by client success and genuine long -term relationship building, and not primarily by money or profits. The amount of editing/admissions consulting that Jennifer can deliver in 1 hour is just unbelievable!! Give it a shot

I have learnt a lot in this exciting 2 year journey which fortunately led to a positive result at the end. More than the result, the journey itself has made me a better person. I am proud and happy that I had Jennifer to guide me all along this difficult path.

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October 03, 2016

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How Accepted helped me get accepted


I applied to 7 top US MBA programs last year, interviewed at 5, and, IMO, I didn't bomb any interview except one. I don't know what happened, but I didn't manage even a Wait-list, let alone an acceptance. I turned to Jennifer (referred to me by a trusted adviser) for a ding analysis on a couple of applications to get some insights on what went wrong. Jennifer's reviews were sharp, and provided me with a starting point on how the Admissions Committee views applicants. It set the tone for a period of self-reflection I later went into.

I decided to apply to Columbia ASAP, but I faced a major roadblock - I didn't know how to represent my candidature as a re-applicant. I turned to Jennifer again, and she really helped me re-align my goals and think about ways I could draft a strong re-applicant essay. Not only did she provide accurate reviews, but also enabled me to draft better essays (answering the "why" and "how" rather than just the "what"). I think this helped me turn around my CBS application this time.

In essence, I enjoyed working with Jennifer - got to learn a whole lot of tips and tricks of writing stellar essays. I would highly recommend taking Jennifer's help in b-school applications. And, having said all of that, Jennifer provided the best insights in the shortest time-frame possible (I took Accepted's hourly services, and for the number of hours I purchased, I don't think any admissions consulting firm can provide as much as Jennifer did).

Having said that, when I look back, I realize what turned it around for me at CBS - Jennifer's recommendation on why I should write the optional essay. :)


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June 20, 2015

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Accepted's Jennifer Bloom is the best


I worked with Stratus Prep in Round 1 and had abysmal response on my applications. For Round 2, I contacted and they paired me with Jennifer.

I bought the hourly package and got a lot more than what I paid for. From the first minute, Jennifer's strategic approach was evident to me. She helped me craft my story in a way I wasn't able to earlier. She kept pushing me hard till I was able to write a perfect essay, while all the time reminding me to stay honest and ethical about it. One would assume that a consultant would give up after a couple of iterations if the client is not listening, but Jennifer did not. I thank her for the same!

Her understanding of what each school wants is terrific and she does a wonderful job of nudging the essays in that direction. In fact, later, she helped me with interview prep, post-interview notes and wait list strategy. I worked on 3 schools with her - MIT / Booth / Tuck and was interviewed by all of them. I finally got accepted at Tuck.

Jennifer is especially good to work with if you are looking at budget options. She is very efficient and I used less than 15 hours with her (and that was because I wasn't as efficient) for school selection / 1 ding report / essay service for 3 schools / 2 mock interviews / 2 post interview reports and wait list strategy.

I haven't worked with other Accepted consultants, but I have also often benefited from Linda's webinars and blogs.

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