June 20, 2015

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Accepted's Jennifer Bloom is the best


I worked with Stratus Prep in Round 1 and had abysmal response on my applications. For Round 2, I contacted and they paired me with Jennifer.

I bought the hourly package and got a lot more than what I paid for. From the first minute, Jennifer's strategic approach was evident to me. She helped me craft my story in a way I wasn't able to earlier. She kept pushing me hard till I was able to write a perfect essay, while all the time reminding me to stay honest and ethical about it. One would assume that a consultant would give up after a couple of iterations if the client is not listening, but Jennifer did not. I thank her for the same!

Her understanding of what each school wants is terrific and she does a wonderful job of nudging the essays in that direction. In fact, later, she helped me with interview prep, post-interview notes and wait list strategy. I worked on 3 schools with her - MIT / Booth / Tuck and was interviewed by all of them. I finally got accepted at Tuck.

Jennifer is especially good to work with if you are looking at budget options. She is very efficient and I used less than 15 hours with her (and that was because I wasn't as efficient) for school selection / 1 ding report / essay service for 3 schools / 2 mock interviews / 2 post interview reports and wait list strategy.

I haven't worked with other Accepted consultants, but I have also often benefited from Linda's webinars and blogs.

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