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When I first started my prep for the GMAT, I started in the usual way of buying the OG and solving the questions there. Soon I realised that my accuracy on the OG was high and I wasn’t really learning anything new. To solve this, I started researching about online GMAT prep and came across e-GMAT. The main point for selecting them being the insights provided by Scholaranium and I must say it has exceeded my expectations.

Firstly, my first interaction with e-GMAT started when I requested them for a study plan. They insisted that I go section by section and me beating me I said I’ll do both Quant and Verbal together. In hindsight, I know I could have saved a lot of time and effort if I would have just followed their simple advice. So everyone reading this, trust your mentor !!! They do this day in and day out and know what it takes to get a good GMAT score in a predictable manner.

When it comes to the course, I used to rely heavily on how sentences SOUND before starting this course. But the structured way of teaching me to spot errors and the meaning based approach to understand what the sentence really wants us to communicate have been game changers for Sentence Correction.

When it comes to Quant, the cementing quizzes really do cement the concepts and help you improve in the subsections. Do not repeat my mistake of not doing the cementing quiz immediately after the section. Following the strategy of Learn concepts and then cementing the concepts using timed quizzes will help you reduce the time you spend for your preparations.

Further, Scholaranium and the level of granular data that it provides is what everyone needs for having efficient GMAT prep. It helped me pinpoint my weak areas to as granular as absolute values in Algebra or comparisons in sentence correction and helped me tackle that and improve my score.

Lastly, a special shout out to Atreya Roy who has been guiding me and helping me get a good score on the GMAT. His support and advice has been extremely prompt. My emails to him have always been late in the day and I have always been shocked to receive his response with strategies to improve and focus areas even before I wake up the next day. In my first call itself he said, don’t hesitate to call/text if you need help even on weekends. This really shows the dedication that Atreya and the entire e-GMAT team has for helping you succeed.

Thank you once again !


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