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Before signing up for the e-gmat course, I did extensive research on all available sources for core concepts and even attended trial sessions and webinars offered by different companies. However, I realized I needed something which would help me understand concepts from scratch and make my base strong. Since e-gmat's methods aligned with this need (as I learned in the free trial and during the webinars), I quickly clarified all my doubts with the team over a video call and jumped right in.

Fortunately, the course was way more detailed and concept-oriented than I had imagined and this became the core of my entire prep.

QUANT - An area I always thought I was weak in, was instinctively where I started from. Before jumping into key topics, I extracted everything I could from the Quant basics course which is great for anyone who wants to brush up their skills and gain more confidence in their quant foundation. The entire course is structured beautifully to take you through a detailed yet very simply explained journey via every single concept. The query section was almost always helpful in clarifying any confusion regarding the concept or a particular question. It was only once or twice that I had to reach out to the team to ask a doubt - which was also answered well within a day or so. Hence, I left the quant course with a huge shift in my confidence, as compared to where I had started from.

Payal does a wonderful job at patiently explaining each concept and helping one build a strong foundation. Not just the methodology but the core process skills of e-gmat are reiterated multiple times throughout the course, so they become muscle memory by the end of it. My improvement from a Q38 to Q50 can be majorly credited to mastering core concepts, making process skills second nature, and deeply understanding each question (rather than just focusing on the sheer volume of questions) - and the detailed solution videos provided after every question really helped with that.

VERBAL - Starting at a V33, I just thought I needed more practice with verbal until I actually went through concept files and adopted a different strategy.

Particularly for RC and CR, the approach taught in the files is a complete game-changer. For CR, the pre-thinking approach made a huge difference not just in the takt time but also in eliminating that confusion between 2 similar-looking answer choices. In RC, reading and making the passage summaries and overall summary, again was never the approach I followed, as I assumed it would waste time. Instead, it saved me a lot of time in the quizzes and in the actual exam and improved my efficiency significantly.

Further, one KEY FEATURE which the e-gmat platform provides is clear, drilled down, micro-level data - for timing-based, difficulty-based, subsectional, and topic-wise weaknesses. Scholaranium 2.0 is a brilliant tool to evaluate your performance. The dashboards will show you clearly where you are lacking and what topics/ types of questions need more work. As guided in the videos, it is crucial to do the quizzes as per the instructions provided to extract the maximum benefit out of them. Doing detailed reviews of a quiz and then analyzing the metrics from the dashboards before moving on to the next quiz was key to my learning process and gave me a visible 10-20% improvement in my accuracy level with each quiz.

Last but not the least, it is worth mentioning that the e-gmat has been truly commendable - with the prompt responses and constant support throughout the journey. It did not feel like this was just an online platform as I always could sense the team behind the screen not just providing video lessons but constantly accessing my performance, making me feel accountable, and providing appropriate feedback when needed.

Towards the end of the course, I wanted to revise a few things and reluctantly asked the team if a one-week extension was possible. I was grateful to receive a free extension without having to worry about payments or formalities, especially in the last few days before the exam. That's what makes e-gmat so unique. It provides a supportive environment and top-quality experts and materials and yet is affordable, relatable, and super easy to use!

I would like to thank Aftab, Juhi, Atreya, DJ, Archit, and Manas for helping me throughout the journey. And of course kudos to Payal and Rajat for building this and bringing so many people one step closer to their dreams.

Would 10/10 recommend E-GMAT to anyone starting their GMAT journey! :)

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