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Proper mindset is very important for GMAT


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So I started my GMAT journey in September, straightway with the OGs without the help of any mentoring services available. Along my journey, I felt several hitches, and it ultimately reflected in my final score too. I ended up getting a score of 640 which was really heartbreaking. The PG course that I was looking forward to needed anything above 700. There are a lot of concepts and patterns that need to be cracked in order to hit the 700 mark. That’s where egmat came in and acted as the backbone of my journey. I delve deep into the verbal videos and noted the concepts thoroughly. In Quant, I got 49 or 50 in the mocks that I gave, so I didn’t practice it much. But it was a personal choice, I wouldn’t recommend that. Please go through all the videos on the egmat course.
After the videos I jumped on the Scholaranium which felt like the exact replica of the GMAT exam. The period from September to November was really hectic for me. I was working as a developer, something that I scarcely liked. It was the initial phase of my job, so I had to attend training after work. In addition to this, I was looking for the PG course that suits my expectations. This may look simple, but it's a whole new world out there with a plethora of specialized courses. That took a considerable time. After all these, I would sit down and practice for my GMAT exam. I knew that I have grasped the concepts, but still I couldn’t ace my scholaranium quizzes. Two and a half months passed, I was on the verge of finishing my question pool and still no progress.
At this point in time, it's easy to give up and just think that maybe it's not possible. But I calmed myself down took a couple of days off and soon realized that GMAT doesn’t only check your conceptual knowledge, it also checks your mindset. It's about how you approach questions and how you deal with them. After all my daily chores, the exhaustion wouldn’t allow me to be calm and solve questions with proper concentration. So firstly I quit my job, fixed my daily routine and after a short break I tried to give it another shot. I was out of scholaranium quizzes and most of the OG questions. I started looking for similar resources that could offer me the same level of English as GMAT, and what’s better than the American editorials. So I got The New York Times subscription and started reading 4-5 articles daily while keeping the concepts that I learned in the egmat course in my mind.
Find the article that you find interesting and read it with full concentration. You’ll find everything there modifiers, subjunctive tense etc.§ion=Science.
After around 2 and a half weeks of dedicated reading, I attended my remaining questions and I could actually recognize the patters and concepts in the questions At this point in time, I felt a little confident and booked my exam date for 24th December. Ultimately, I managed to get a 700+ score and the feeling was just gratifying.
One last thing, do maintain an error log. It may seem frustrating, but you’ll see the difference.

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