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I began my GMAT preparation in April 2021. At first, I did not plan to purchase any GMAT course but after around a month of preparation I felt a shortage of good questions and thus I began my research for a good GMAT course. I looked through all the options and took up as many free trials as I could. In the end, I found the E-GMAT course most appealing of all the courses as it was cost-efficient and provided a dedicated tool to practice the concepts(Scholaranium). Also, as I had already used the E-Gmat free trial, I was convinced that the E-GMAT course material is good enough.

I only enrolled for the verbal section as verbal was my biggest weakness and I believed that I do not require any assistance with quant.

The E-GMAT Verbal course description:
The course is extremely detailed and covers all the aspects of GMAT Verbal. The course consists of Master Comprehension, SC, CR, and RC modules, and each of the modules is divided into three stages. E-GMAT according to your performance in Sigma-X mocks provides a personalized study plan. The course offers a ton of questions in the form of concept quizzes and application files as well so that you can practice the concept you just learned. These application files allow you to solve each question on your own and then provide a detailed explanation for the same. Additionally, E-GMAT teaches a simple yet efficient way to tackle each of SC, CR, and RC and this novel way definitely worked for me.

What I liked the Most:
The E-GMAT support team is the best feature of E-GMAT. Whenever I had a doubt on any question in Scholaranium, I posted on their forum and I got an answer in less than 18 hours. Apart from this, the support team helps with almost every query you may have regarding the GMAT. This personalized my preparation to an extent that I can't begin to describe. The support team deserves a huge shoutout for the work they do. All of them including Atreya, Shweta, Dhananjay aka DJ, and many more helped me tremendously in my preparation.

For instance, I fared badly in my first GMAT attempt, scoring just 700 and I immediately contacted E-GMAT as I was confused about whether to give another attempt or not. In response, I received a complete questionnaire in order to find out what went wrong from Atreya, and soon after I was contacted by DJ. He consulted me regarding my score and provided insights as to whether my current score can get me an admit to my dream schools. This meeting was very helpful as it helped me decide to have another go at the GMAT. For my second attempt DJ provided a revision plan as well as various invaluable tips to improve my score.

Overall the GMAT verbal course is great because of some key features such as Scholaranium, the support team, and the data insights that Scholaranium provides. Although there is just one drawback that you cannot access the Sigma-x mocks if you have enrolled for just E-GMAT verbal or E-GMAT Quant. Sigma-x mocks are accessible only to those who have enrolled in the E-GMAT Quant + Verbal course.

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