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The most reviewed course on GMAT Club, GMAT Online Focused, is built for those who need in-depth preparation in one section – Quant or Verbal and a few points of improvement in other. Your learning starts with identifying specific conceptual gaps. The platform then provides you with a clear, milestone-driven plan which enables you to maximize your score gains without wasting on concepts you have already mastered, saving you 80+ hours of preparation. While learning, our xPERT engine provides real-time feedback to ensure that you excel in the first go. Cementing and ability quizzes in Scholaranium then help push your ability to the 90th percentile or higher. 


Here is what you will get with e-GMAT Online Focused:

  • 5 SIGma-X mocks to get an accurate assessment of your abilities
  • e-GMAT PSP to build a personalized and time-optimal study plan
  • Top Instructor curated 200+ hours of video lessons
  • 2500+ Application and Exercise Questions
  • Scholaranium platinum with 2500+GMAT like Questions
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Course correction with Hyper-Personalized Plans


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March 18, 2022

Joined: May 23, 2018

Posts: 460

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Verified score:
770 Q51 V42 (Online)

Great Experience- GMAT 770 (99 Percentile- May 2021)


Improvement 200 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

Well, I started my journey for GMAT prep on my purchasing bunch of books (hard copies) like KAPLAN complete set, Manhatten Prep , Official Guides 2018....
It was in in the year 2019 that I realised that its not working as I was able to solve most of problems but not in time.
I am used pen and paper kinda exam and not si much for the Online exams.

I was about give up and then saw some debriefs over GMAT CLUB regarding E-Gmats prep material.
Subscribed the same in late 2019 ...completed some part ...
but due to overload of wok had to give up again in December.

Then in January again started the preparation and so on...
the material/conetnt on egmat specially the verbal part is top notch...
RC strategy part was the best one and Master comprehension helped me a lot in solving RC/SC/CR question s much faster...
Quants I would say being an engineer was all right for me..

All n all it was a wonderful exp ...and egmat did help me a lot in scoring - GMAT 770 *Q-51;V-42;IR-8*


gods were with me :)

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April 19, 2022

Joined: Jul 04, 2021

Posts: 5

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Verified score:
680 Q49 V34

The best test prep available


Improvement 60 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

i purchased the e-gmat online focused course right after my first official gmat mock test. I was expecting for something like 680-690 but ended up in a 620. AFter purchasing the e-gmat, i could actually see what mistakes i was making and what i was missing during my self prep. E-gmat has improved my verbal so much. Also , its quant part, i would say, is so underrated. The content is the so good that it actually enable you to tackle the quant part of the Gmat exam easily.
The only drawback i've seen its student support system, which i felt like is a bit lagging or not taking seriously

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April 10, 2022

Joined: Apr 06, 2021

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Verified score:
730 Q51 V36

660 to 730


Improvement 70 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

I was reluctant to take the course because i was confident that my quant is extremely strong and i will be easily be able to study verbal. But that was not at all the case with me after I got 660 for 2 times. I realized that I needed to build a thorough understanding for verbal and of all the courses available, Egmat is hands down the best one.
In verbal, the master comprehension is very effective and starts from the basics. It feels unnecessary in the beginning but as RC passages become difficult, it becomes more and more relevant. In CR the prethinking is a game changer.
For SC the questions that I practiced were a bit different from those on the main exam. Scholarnium gives insights on which aspects need improvement and Sigma-X provides a platform to test the learnings.
The support team is extremely efficient and very helpful. Their advices were very crucial in achieveing 730.
I wish I had taken the course before my first attempt.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
March 25, 2022

Joined: Jan 27, 2020

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Verified score:
660 Q48 V34



Improvement 40 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

Hi everyone
I Enrolled with EGMAT in October 2021 . I used their platform for 5 months and this is my review.

I got a 660 in my first attempt and I enrolled with EGMAT and I found their portal really good for verbal specially Sentence Correction. For quant its above average. EGMAT helped me reach a level of 710 .
Their analytics and user interface are amazing. SCHOLARANIUM is what I believe is the Highlight of the course, its just too good.
Quality of their mocks is again above average with great analytics provided for review. One of their feature called PACE is really helpful not at all a gimmick.
So personally I can recommend EGMAT to anyone looking for a Good GMAT prep Self Paced Course.
The only problem I faced with EGMAT was because of some reasons I could not follow their entire process and I was not really satisfied with my 700-710 level performance and wanted to improve more and decided to mail them for support but didn't receive any reply from them.
Yes I did falter a bit but I expected more.

Overall the EGMAT prep course if you follow the entire process is really good and I recommend EGMAT to everyone.
And Still hoping I will soon get to that 750+ score.

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April 03, 2022

@Shivamrr19 – thank you for your very honest and balanced review. I am glad that you liked the course and were able to improve to 710. At the same time, I am sad to see that we could not help you improve to 750+. After reading your review I investigated your case and discovered that we indeed dropped the ball. Your email was incorrectly tagged, and we did not respond to the same. We have a team that specializes in helping people improve to 750+ scores. So, write to the team so that we can create a personalized strategy for 710 to 750 improvement.

March 20, 2022

Joined: May 14, 2019

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Verified score:
730 Q48 V42

Journey from 660 to 730 | All thanks to EGMAT and their mentors


Improvement 70 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

I started my GMAT journey back in 2019. As it happens with most of the test-takers, I was flooded with tonnes of test-prep materials. I struggled to filter them out and fell into the trap of solving more and more questions to gain a higher score. Of course, I ended up with a disappointing score of 660. Fast forward to 2020, I re-started by GMAT prep during the lockdown. This time, I was sure that I needed a focused approach.

After speaking to a few people, I was convinced that there is nothing better than E-GMAT, especially for Verbal. Within no time, I enrolled for the course and E-GMAT was kind enough to enroll me for their pilot batch of the mentorship cohort. Here are things that stood out for me:

1. Course Content - The meaning-based approach in SC and the pre-thinking analysis in CR were game-changers. I felt much more confident, and verbal quickly became my strength from weakness. I consistently scored 40+. After having studied quant from 3 sources, I can again say that E-GMAT's quant really helped me identify gaps and feel more confident about my prep.

2. The different quizzes available - concept, application, cementing, and test-readiness. E-GMAT's emphasis on acing each of these sequentially really helped identify and bridge gaps. It helps pinpoint exact gaps and allows you to tailor your learning accordingly.

3. The focus on process skills - One thing that puzzled me was the fact that even though I knew the concepts, I would still struggle to get the answers right. The focus on the process skills becomes really critical here.

4. E-GMAT forum - the doubts forum is a gold mine. Even though the explanations are quite detailed, the question from fellow learners and the responses from E-GMAT mentors is a great way to clarify the smallest of the doubts. The response time to doubts posted is quick as well.

5. Analytics - Again, the benefit of this cannot be underestimated. Honest tip - please do not even think about sharing your subscriptions. While it is unethical, you will be the biggest loser as you end up losing the benefits of the detailed analytics available on the platform. Analytics is a single source of truth. A lot of times, I felt confident on certain topics, but the analytics gave me a different picture altogether and I realized that I was actually making mistakes in topics I felt comfortable about.

6. Sigma X - Test Readiness and time management is a big part of the prep. Sigma X does really well here. Most of the other mocks available do not provide detailed analytics. Sigma X gives detailed insights into your time management skills and ability across different levels of difficulty.

7. Lastly and most importantly - a huge shoutout to my mentors - Ashutosh and Rida. Both of them have been super hands-on and helped me with curated study plans. They brought a great deal of structure to the madness. The regular check-ins and targets helped me stay focused throughout the prep. I owe a lot to them. The last mile programme launched by E-GMAT is a great addition and I highly encourage fellow test-takers to take advantage of that.

To sum up, after having gone through materials from 2-3 test prep platforms, I can confidently say that E-GMAT is the best out there. They are consistently improving and I am sure they will come up with more and more new features to make learning simplified!

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March 14, 2022

Joined: Feb 16, 2019

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Verified score:
720 Q51 V35 (Online)

My GMAT Story : 640 to 720 in 4 months.


Improvement 80 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

Hi There!

Are you not able to break 700? Are you consistently scoring 680-690? Are you not able to improve your verbal score? If the answer to any of the questions is Yes, this review is for you.

My short story of 2 attempts.
I gave my first attempt in October 2021 and scored a 640(Q48, V30). Bummer right? [ I would like to mention that I believed I was at a 690 level but who cares what I think? The screen flashed a 640 and that was it. I was devastated)
I gave my second attempt after 4 months in February 2022 and scored a 720 (Q51, V35)

So, what changed? In this 4 months gap, I bought the online e-GMAT Verbal and Quant course. After going through the course, I reached out to the team about my problems and the e-Gmat team assigned me with an expert Dhananjay Lowe for 1-1 personalised coaching (free of cost) as part of their LMP ( Last Mile Program) . This was the best decision I took in 2 years of my study drills. DJ (Dhananjay) has provided most of the feedback over email and there was one call at the start of the coaching and one before my exam. The coaching he provided was very realistic with achievable goals. That is one of the things that I like about eGmat. It is realistic.

Before buying e-Gmat course:

Just as an aspiring MBA applicant, I was excited to give GMAT. I started with Official Guide (1st mistake). I bought GMAC mocks ( GMAC provides 2 free mocks and 4 paid mocks). After attempting the first free GMAC mock test ( I think I scored in 500s. It got reset as the GMAC changed the portal recently resetting everything), I started my prep. My study drill was as below-

- I was confident in Quant and was scoring 47-48 and sometimes 49. So, I would not solve many quant questions in my practice. I would just solve 20 in 20 minutes as a break from Verbal.
- I exhausted my Official Guide hard copy books (that I bought in 2019 but I started my prep in 2021) and went to gmatprep and started solving questions in a random manner by selecting difficulty level to 700+ and source as Official Guide. I always timed myself. I did this for about as long as I can remember ( 6 months I think).
- So far, I had not made any notes. I had a fair idea of what a GMAT exam looks like and I was at a 650 level which was an improvement from the score I started with. (500s)

My two cents about using OG- Do not start with Official Guide. You lose the fresh perspective with which you can approach each question. Be smart about using the OG. Go through the GMAT Syllabus. Study all the topics and start solving OG when you have a fair idea about all the topics and you think you have the expertise to solve them.

I finally bought GMAC Mocks and gave them all in 1 week before my first attempt(2nd mistake), scoring 690 in all of them and 700 in one.I SCORED a 640(Q48 and V30) in my final exam. So what really went wrong?

After buying e-Gmat course:

Below is a summary of what went wrong with my first attempt and the solutions to each of them that eGmat provided.
1. Lack of a study plan was one problem in my prep which led me to not master any topic. I would always assume I am bad at Reading Comprehension which was actually not the case as pointed out by Dhananjay in our first 1-1 call where he quickly analysed the free eSigma Mock ( mocks by eGmat) I had given.
- Egmat created a study plan for me on the first day I bought the course. They will guide you how to create one as per your current level. I cannot emphasise more on the effectiveness of the study material they provide. They have recorded videos for every topic in a guided manner. You just have to buy the course and the rest is taken care of. There wasn’t one day I wasn’t excited to explore what’s in this video and I learnt from each and every video. There are different modules - Master comprehension, Reading comprehension, Sentence correction and Critical Reasoning. The quality of the material is top notch. I went through all the modules. Dhananjay made sure I do not skip even one video which I very much tried to. :P
2. Not analysing the mocks properly. Exhausting 4 mocks (actually 5) in one week was the second big mistake. Ideally, you need 3 days for 1 mock. First day - you give the mock, second day - analyse it and then third day - work on the problem areas. ( maybe take more days) It is very hard to analyse mocks by yourself if you do not have a detailed analysis of your mock available.
-eGmat has some serious and one of the best mock analytics going on at the backend. The in depth analysis of each mock is amazing. It tells you about your problematic areas. There are videos available on the dashboard of how to use this tool which I would strongly suggest you watch in the very beginning. I did it way later in the process. You should use the material and the tools smartly to make the most out of the course. I was still not able to make the most out of the analytics until Dhananjay made a personalised video of one of my attempted mock “How to analyse mocks?”
3. Not creating an error log. If you do not follow a plan, it is highly likely that you will not make an error log for sure. Now, what is an error log? It is simply a list of all the questions you did wrong. To make sure you never make the same mistake again, eGmat has a very smart tactic of creating an error log. This was one of the first exercises Dhananjay asked me to do. He pointed out errors in my error log ( Can you imagine?). Now, what are errors in an error log? It is very important to understand why you marked what you marked and why you thought the right answer was wrong. Egmat has video solutions to every question which help you analyse where did you go wrong. ( almost all the questions with just a few exceptions for which detailed explanation is provided. )
4. Quant experts- I thought 48 is great. Until I came across a concept called cementing (an eGmat jargon). During my 1-1 coaching, I was asked to ‘Cement’ Quant. I did not know what is that until I cemented quant and scored a Q51 in my final exam. Basically, it is a drill of giving a set of medium and hard level quizzes till you achieve a desired accuracy. (The standards defined by eGmat which are very much achievable). Scholaranium is a tool created by eGmat for Quizzes and Mocks. It is an amazing tool with thousands of quality questions. you can create custom quizzes by defining difficulty level of the questions. Make Scholaranium your best friend. Fellows, if you are good at quant, I would suggest why not be even better at it? Keep hustling.
5. Confidence - You need to trust yourself. Sometimes, when you are so close to your target score, doubting your choices (not life choices) can really hurt your score. Once you know you are ready and you are achieving your target score in the mocks, book a date and give the GMAT within 2 weeks.

After 4 months of effort and support from eGmat team, I finally scored 720. I would like to thank DJ for his constant support. Lastly, the Last Mile Programme ( through which I received the 1-1 coaching) was a huge success for me.

To summarise, if you are new to GMAT, approach it the right way. If you are already preparing, go about it in a guided manner if you are not doing that currently. After a while, the drill is simple - give a mock, analyse and practice.

Apart from eGmat course, below are some of the things I did in the span of 2 years of my on-off GMAT prep. I actually prepped in full swing from June-2021 to Feb-2022.
- I watched GMAT Ninja’s SC videos on YouTube. There is a set of 6-7 videos and they are really good.
- I had read 0 books before Jan 2020. I read around 12 books in 2020 and 2021. This improved my comprehension in reading.
- I skimmed through word power made easy but it is not really required. If you have time, give it a go. Even if it helps you solve a couple of questions that you might have marked wrong due to vocabulary issues, it’s worth it.

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March 14, 2022

Joined: Dec 03, 2021

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Verified score:
740 Q49 V41

Score Improvement 650>740


Improvement 90 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

When I began my GMAT journey, I gave the official mock and scored a 650 (Q49 V28). Initially, I began my prep by using free sources such as but soon realized that for Verbal, proper direction and guidance is necessary. This is where I took the focused course by e-gmat and it turned out to be a really good decision. The meaning based approach for SC, pre-thinking for CR and strategies for RC are the best ways to master the art of GMAT Verbal. Towards the end of the preparation, I wanted to gauge whether my preparation was up to the mark and I reached out to the team. I was connected with Dhananjay and he strategized my prep making me take stress quizzes which really helped me learn my areas of weakness. Finally, I scored 740 on the actual day and I can't be more grateful to e-gmat and DJ.

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February 24, 2022

Joined: Jan 22, 2021

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Verified score:
710 Q50 V36

The best GMAT learning experience one could hope for!


Improvement 110 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

E-Gmat played an instrumental role in my GMAT journey. The structured approach to learning concepts followed by cementing quizzes in Scholaranium helped me tremendously to internalize all the concepts, especially Sentence Correction. The large Question pool in the Scholaranium with features such as customize Quiz, which allows one to choose not just a specific section but also a specific sub-topic in that section really helps to work on your weaknesses.
Apart from a beautifully created learning platform, the entire support team too is very helpful in answering all your queries and doubts. Special mention to DJ, whose advice on re-thinking my approach to solving questions was crucial in my score improvement.
Thanks Rajat, Payal and the entire E-Gmat team for a great learning experience!

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
March 02, 2022

Hi abhipise7,

Heartiest congratulations on achieving two things –
1) Making it to the 700 club
2) Improving by over 100 points. That’s wild and rare. You are in a very exclusive club.

Spoiler – Abhishek’s interview will soon be out on our channel!

I am glad you mentioned the ability to mix and match quizzes, it’s rare to have a singular platform that allows you to –

- Practice what you learned in the RIGHT ENVIRONMENT
- REVIEW and REVISE any question you ever saw and ATTACK specific weak areas
- MEASURE your ability at any time

Scholaranium Quiz Functionality:

I am glad you took my advice at the right time, and I appreciate the special mention too. It means a lot to me.

Support is not just us responding to you, it’s so much more. It’s the right advice that hit the right nerve!

All the best for your applications 😊


February 21, 2022

Joined: Dec 07, 2021

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Verified score:
560 Q44 V22

Just Fine


Improvement 20 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

I have taken e-gmat course for my Verbal prep. And I have few points to share:
1. SC part is really good. Meaning based approach really worked for me.
2. CR part is very confusing and I would not like to recommend. It's very time consuming I believe.
3. RC is also fine but it depends on ones capabilities in verbal. I really liked the cementing section. But I feel if you are not good at Verbal then whether you have taken their RC course or not, it does not matter at all.

I did not get time to use their quant section much. But it is very lengthy. If someone is planning to take GMAT in a month or so then you would not be able to cover all the topics but if you are just starting with the prep of GMAT and this might work for you.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
February 25, 2022

Hi Sunita96,

Thank you so much for taking the time to post your review!

I am so glad to hear that you loved the SC course and the meaning-based approach! I can see that you put in a lot of time and effort into internalising the process and I am happy to hear that it helped you. Your input that the course is perfect for someone just starting their prep is also valuable.

I am sorry that CR was a sticking point for you. However, the reason is something you will find on your account - you kind of gave up on the course – your practice quiz scores needed to be at least 80% and then you did not cement what you learned. If you decide to retake the test, then I would recommend doing the CR course from scratch and following the cementing process to a tee so that you can iron out any gaps. I would also recommend studying just one subsection at a time.

Your CR Stats:

The RC course is built to explain techniques that will work for students with diverse abilities and they have, however I can understand that it may not have worked wonders for you. We will work hard on making sure we take your feedback. If you have more specific feedback, you must write to us and share it at

While the Quant course is exhaustive (it targets all the potential topics you could be tested on in the GMAT), the P.A.C.E tool, with its diagnostic quizzes, allows you to target only your weak areas and creates an atomic learning path that would have allowed you to focus on just the areas that needed attention. Hence, it makes what looks like a lengthy course, super LEAN 😊

I am sorry that you were not able to achieve your dream score, but the path to success is dependent on diligence and following the process. It is essential that you take the right steps so that you can ensure you are on the path to success. We hope you take them soon!

We wish you all the best!

January 28, 2022

Joined: Feb 17, 2020

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Verified score:
710 Q49 V38 (Online)

E-GMAT course


Improvement N/A

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

I've given my GMAT attempts and reached a plateau. Having exhausted all the official material, I needed some quality questions and explanations to cement my concepts. That's when I scheduled a call with e-gmat team. After going through my ESR, I was told how I had some conceptual gaps. Having tried multiple resources, I wanted to give this a final shot. I started off my preparation with the structured approach. I believed the whole plan that was given to me in terms of finishing SC, CR and RC and then moving to Quant. Changing my learning pattern from doing all concepts every single day to picking up one at a time, I initially hesitated. Nevertheless, I decided to believe the proven approach and finished concepts, concept quizzes, cementing quizzes and then moved to next module. This eventually built my confidence. After completing all modules, I started with the mocks. The quality of explanations there and the level of data insights  is definitely unparalleled. The Sigma-X mocks are slightly tougher than real exam but that prepares us for the grind. The tougher exam offsets the exam anxiety. I would ensure I spend more time analyzing the mock than writing the mock. In this whole process, whenever there is any doubt regarding the week plan or just to validate my own plan, I'd leave a mail to the team and they would get back within 24 hours proactively. Atreya has been there throughout the journey and also enrolled me into Last Mile program which helped me cement conceptual gaps in last minute . With all this done, I finally got my GMAT Score - 710.

Summing up, looking for an all-inclusive GMAT package that can help you prepare despite a demanding job? E-GMAT is your answer!

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
February 02, 2022

Dear Akhila,

A big congratulations on scoring a 710 and for penning down the review amidst the hectic schedule around your applications.

I remember our first call where you were scared and wanted to know if it was possible to get a 700. I remember the exact words I told you: You will do it and I have 200% faith in that. Here you are! I am actually very happy that you could break the score plateau and reach the 700 Achiever’s list.

There was a fundamental reason you got to your score apart from anxiety management :p

When you trust the process, you learn. When you learn, you score well. When you score well, you succeed!

You trusted the process by doing each and every step in the course according to your starting diagnosis. Once you did, your success was on cards. Why do I say so?

See the Scholaranium scores you had for Medium and Hard questions:

Click Here:

There is also something really interesting in your account: 3 of your 5 Mocks in the e-GMAT platform has a 710 and ALL of the 5 mocks are within 20 points of your score (something we see so very often every time)

See it here:

I know that you are swamped with your applications. All the best for them! Do well.


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