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E-gmat is one of the best prep resources out there


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Course e-GMAT Online Focused

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I found the DI section taught in egmat course to be extremely thorough, it touches on every question type tested on GMAT test and helps you navigate through all the problems of the section.

For quant, Egmat does wonders, i was never able to perform good in any quant question but egmat taught me quants very well.

Would make the product better:

I think the course is a bit lengthy, which is a good thing but i think for someone trying to be done with gmat in a month or two would find it hard to complete the course.

eGMAT has been instrumental in my GMAT success, helping me achieve a score of 685 with an 81st percentile in quant, a significant improvement from starting at the 21st percentile. The platform's approach is highly methodical, meticulously explaining each concept and question with straightforward methods that made complex topics understandable.

A standout feature for me was the improvement in the Data Insights section, where eGMAT guided me from the 58th percentile to an outstanding 96th percentile in just one month. Their detailed explanations and strategic approaches to timed practice were invaluable in my progress.

I am especially grateful to Abha, my mentor at eGMAT, whose personalized study plan with clear milestones played a crucial role in keeping me on track and motivated throughout my preparation journey.

The Scholaranium feature, particularly its challenging quizzes tailored to the verbal section, was pivotal in refining my skills and boosting my percentile from 43rd to an impressive 98th. Overall, eGMAT’s comprehensive resources and personalized support were key factors in my achievement of a competitive GMAT score.

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