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I might be a user of the e -gmat portal for the longest time so you can believe me when i tell you- GO FOR IT!.Their best feature that helped me the most is their doubt forum- it has so many already solved doubts that it'll only help you learn more.Go through the already solved doubts of a tough question and you will see 30 different approaches and why the provided solution is the best one.Now imagine the amount of knowledge you can gain by just scrolling through the doubts.
Their courses need no introduction, their verbal and quant will prepare you for everything that will be thrown at you during test day, the scholaranium will help you improve your accuracy and the sigma x mocks will help you fine tune your strategy for D-day.I wish they had more mocks.Their support has always solved my doubts within a day,

If you need help ,email them, they WILL help you in any way they can.Ill highly recommend them for any serious aspirant.

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