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Hello all,

I gave my second GMAT on Aug26 and scored Q50 V35. My first attempt - Q50 V31. As a working professional I somehow managed time and researched a lot on what does push my verbal to a perfect score. I literally went through almost all free sample verbal courses and its resources available online. I finally took a strategy session with E-gmat and understood this could help me. Below are my takeaways.


1. Content - Solid content on whole verbal section especially in SC. One could actually say its the most comprehensive solution for "SC". It's SC is divided into 9 topics - 1 of which is on "Meaning" - this tells us how strong is the content in SC.
The same goes for RC and CR too. The learning videos might be a bit long but getting a good verbal score do need that prep and e-gmat has done excellent job in getting the content solidified.

2. Scholaranium : It has the most equivalent verbal questions in comparision with offical gmat especially in easy and medium difficulty level. It has almost 800+ Verbal questions to practice with the count growing everyday .

3. Analytics : It's analytics is all we need to assess ourselves on where we are lagging and guides us we need to go back to learning phase. It is very intuitive and much needed if we dont know where is the specific lagging in Verbal section.

Cons :

Expert reply : The only thing that bothered me through out the course is while the explanation they give covers all the possible scenario's. In several cases when we reach out to them for the doubts - their replies are not convincing .
Also when users ask question in relevant scenario's the reply from e-gmat experts is "As per e-gmat rules , we cannot answer questions that is not in e-gmat official curriculum or their question bank" - this is something should be addressed being a leader in verbal courses.

Conclusion : E-gmat verbal content is super strong, however its customer reply service is frustrating at times and needs to be addressed by its management.

October 11, 2021

Congratulations on scoring a 710. This score will give you a shot at securing an admit from many B-schools. We are also happy that we could help you in the process and also glad you loved our verbal content.

As you rightly said, our expert responses are very thorough – they cover all bases, including giving you reasons on how to think about approaching a question, what to do in steps 1, 2, and 3. We also give you solid reasons as to why you should reject each incorrect option. Our goal – with every question you solve on our platform, your improvement should be 3X as much as it is when you solve the same question on any other platform.

As a policy, we do not comment on questions created by other prep companies. For one, we don’t want people to practice those questions (note, we support all official questions) as we have no way to judge whether, given your preparation, these questions are even appropriate for you to solve. Second – we don’t want to open ourselves for litigation by commenting on questions from non-official sources.

I understand that it is frustrating when you solve a question and are unable to get a quality explanation on why a certain answer choice is incorrect. However, if you have purchased the questions from a certain source, then it is that source’s responsibility to provide quality explanations (you have paid that source, after all)

Overall, our goal is to help you succeed, and often, the shortest path to success involves practicing questions on e-GMAT and tracking the corresponding data. This is why we provide thousands of questions and continue to add to our already comprehensive repository. This process has helped us deliver more success (700+ scores) than all other GMAT Club partners combined have. Let us know if you need to improve that Verbal score further and we will be happy to guide you.

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