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The Best of the Best - Hire Liza!


Background: 26, Female. 2 years investment banking. 2 years at a PE firm. Liberal arts major from Ivy League.

Results: Admitted to HBS (attending), Wharton, Booth (with $), and Kellogg

It’s no secret that preparing five business school applications is a daunting process, especially while juggling a demanding job and other extracurriculars. I had heard about Liza from several colleagues who had successful application processes the year prior. My decision to work with Liza was one of the best I have ever made. Liza was an amazing cheerleader, sounding board, motivator, and friend to me throughout my process.

From the very start of my work with her, Liza took the time to dive in and get to know me. Through her review of my personal reflection (a lengthy document she has you prepare to kick off your work together), Liza helped me to extract the elements of my story that would lend themselves to compelling business school essays. Over the course of several months, through draft after draft, Liza consistently challenged me to push my writing further until I had final drafts of which I am extremely proud.

Equally important, Liza kept me organized. Between standardized test preparations, gathering materials for recommenders, drafting around a dozen essay responses, and preparing for interviews, I certainly had my work cut out for me and not much time to complete it. Through weekly priority lists, timely essay draft reviews, and frequent check-ins by phone, Liza ensured that my five sets of applications were completed seamlessly and far before my application deadlines.

Because of Liza, I have the opportunity to attend the business school of my dreams. I cannot recommend Liza enough!

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