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Top-tier MBA Admissions Consultant


I am thrilled to recommend April Stewart of Gatehouse Admissions, whose expertise and dedication were instrumental in my successful business school application journey. For context, I am a white male with an HYP undergraduate degree, an undergraduate GPA of 3.81, and a GRE score of 334. Thanks to April’s exceptional guidance, I received offers from Wharton, Columbia, and Stern, each accompanied by significant merit-based aid.

April's approach to project planning was meticulous. From our initial consultation, she laid out a comprehensive timeline for each component of the application process. This level of organization ensured that every task was completed well ahead of deadlines, allowing ample time for revision and refinement. Her ability to break down the daunting application process into manageable steps made the entire experience far less overwhelming.

One of April’s standout qualities is her attention to detail, particularly when it comes to essay editing. She meticulously reviewed each draft, providing thorough and insightful feedback that significantly elevated the quality of my writing. Her edits were not just about correcting grammar; they focused on enhancing the coherence and flow of ideas. Over multiple drafts, April helped me develop a narrative that was compelling and cohesive, ensuring that my essays reflected my unique strengths.

Moreover, April’s skill at ideating on a story that would resonate with business schools was remarkable. She invested considerable time in understanding my background, experiences, and aspirations. Together, we brainstormed and crafted a narrative that was not only appealing to the admissions committees but also inspiring to me. April’s ability to draw out and refine the most impactful aspects of my journey was a testament to her deep knowledge of what top business schools seek in applicants.

Working with April was a terrific experience. Her strategic insights, combined with her support and encouragement, played a pivotal role in my acceptances. I wholeheartedly recommend her and the Gatehouse team to anyone seeking a highly skilled and dedicated business school application consultant.

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