September 24, 2019

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Finally! A better test center for folks in Pune, India.


I just took the test on September 24, 2019, and would like to share my experience of the test center. But, before I get into the details have you heard of ' The Butterfly Effect' - The flapping of wings of a tiny creature as small as a butterfly can even cause a storm.

The test center is located Tower2, World trade center, Eon free zone, Kharadi, Pune. it is not at all difficult to find the test center given the popularity of the landmark. But, it is located at one extreme end of the city. If like me, you are commuting from the other extreme end of the city it can take up to or over 2 hours(chances are you will face heavy traffic) to reach the test center. I would request that you plan your commute accordingly and keep at least half-an-hour as buffer. Reaching very early won't help you as the security won't allow you beyond the reception before 1 hour of your appointment. Still, if you reach very early there are couple of cafes located in the business park or the campus and you might consider waiting there.

Once you reached world trade center, you need to go to Tower 2 which is the first tower on the left as soon as you enter through the gate. You need to request the receptionist to check you in and she will ask for your ID and will click your digital photograph. After that, you will be provided with a temporary pass which authorizes you to go to test center located on the fifth floor.

Once you reach the fifth floor navigate and find the Pearson center as the tower consists multiple offices. Once you find it, it would suggest do not enter but rather check the nearest restroom and make yourself comfortable. Check, the time left and prepare yourself mentally for test. The gates of the test center are always locked and once you go near it security would be sitting on the other side of the glassdoor and will ask your appointment time. He will confirm with the admin and then let you in after you switch off your cellphone completely.

Now once you're in the admin will ask which exam you came for as the center conducts different exams at the same time. Once you confirm, he/she will ask for PASSPORT BOOK and will verify the details and will tell you the locker number in which you can put your belongings. He will give you a DO's and Dont's card and will ask to go through. Remember, you won't have enough time to make yourself comfortable so be prepared unlike me. All your belongings should be in your bag except eatables,medicines and eye drops that you want to access during breaks. You won't be allowed to wear the light sweater which GMAT HANDBOOK mentions and will have to store your jacket in the locker. Also, you may consider bringing a handkerchief to wipe your face in case you plan to splash water on your face during breaks or wipe off any smudge on your specs. Even, that innocent piece of cloth isn't allowed sadly and has to be kept in the locker{ not in your bag}. In short, you can access your locker during the breaks but your bag ( consider untouchable).
The test center infrastructure is very good and is in line with what GMAT claims. But, please do not violate any rules the guys are very strict in there and can cancel your score. Ask what considers to be a violation to mitigate gray areas.

I will be re-taking the GMAT again and my performance was not even close to my preparation levels. Things can go out of hand pretty quickly even before you realize. I learned a lot from this experience and want the folks in the community to not learn the HARD way.

Please, reach out if you have any queries.

P.S It is a long review, but believe me I didn't want to leave any areas unexplored so that people can anticipate and prepare for what's coming.

December 08, 2019

Thank you for your review of the WTC GMAT test-taking center! I was kinda looking forward to reading someone's experience with that center as I'm about to retake my GMAT & would be picking that. If you're also retaking in the next month, let me know if you'd like to practice together sometime? I have a few friends who study with me but they might be moving away from Pune.

December 08, 2019

Hi, @sharmishthabalwan I hope you're doing well and your prep is going well!

I am also preparing for a re-take and would take the test roughly in a month's time.

It would be a good idea to connect.

I will send you ping in the gmatclub inbox.

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