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September 06, 2019

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agile technologies review


Firstly, although the place is well listed on google maps and tagged everywhere, finding the entry point to the building is a task. The center is on the 4th floor of the building and the list is operational only till the 3rd.

Moving on, once you enter the test center, it is quite well maintained and the staff is cordial and well behaved. I had an issue with the worksheets they provide and in-spite of keeping my hand raised for several seconds the worksheet was not changed and i had to literally barge out and collect the worksheets myself.
Further more, in the IR section the link failed. All the candidates were then escorted outside and the entire system had to be rebooted again.The facilitator did however award us a couple of minutes for it, but the damage was already done.
This definitely led to the decline in the score of IR section and was a bad experience throughout. I would highly recommend the test takers to be careful while booking this center.

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January 15, 2020

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Lisbon - GMAT - Review


I took the GMAT in this facilitiy, and I highly recommend it. Everything was very well prepared, there was not much confusion, and the result was good, which helps of course :)
It is very well located in the center of Lisbon, and it has very good accesses. Also, the placement of the takers is very good since it has a long-distance among them. Lastly, the staff were very nice and always eager to help, making sure that there was not any doubt. All in all, the advice I give for takers in Portugal is that you choose the Lisbon center.

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January 08, 2020

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Filthy Equipment, and excessively stringent staff


I've sat about 4 tests at the Sydney Market st location - couldn't see this on the list.

The test centre is pretty filthy. No matter what time of day i've taken the test, without fail, every time i touch the mouse and keyboard its oily and dirty.

Secondly, most recently everyone gets asked to pat themselves down.

I've worn skinny jeans and you could probably see my crotch if you looked in the right area, so I'm not sure why students need to pat themselves down before and after they enter the room. This is just stupid as there are enough cameras to catch someone cheating if the proctors are doing their job.

The other thing to note is just how absurd it is to be sat with people taking IELTS tests. The exam room quickly turns into a sweat-shop with the volume of IELTS examinees.

No two monitors are the same. Do you know how much of a difference this makes when the resolution is blown out on one screen and the resolution is sharp and perfect on another?

All the above adds some serious stress and barriers to performing well on the GMAT.

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December 30, 2019

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740 Q50 V40



The Center is located at a very accessible location with ample parking space. Also, the only center in Gurugram that provide noise cancellation headphones. The environment and staff at the center are perfect. The washrooms are located inside the center itself so you need not worry about rushing too far inside the 8 mins break. The lockers are spacious enough to fit in a large backpack and hence you need not worry about the size of your backpack. The lights, ACs and the system worked perfectly without any surprises. This was my 3rd attempt and I am happy I choose this center. This was way better than my previous 2 centers. The Dwarka center literraly sucks!
Minimum disturbance best results.

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December 26, 2019

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Andheri Center. Excellent Experience!


I have been to this Andheri center more than once. It's an excellent center with great amenities and staff members are cordial and helpful.

The center is quite and provides noise cancellation headphones. I think these two facilities are extremely important. If you are planning to take an exam at this center, practice taking a mock exam with overhead headphones just to be comfortable on the test day.

I was told that the hardware up-gradation was recently done at the center. Locker space is provided and was adequate. The toilet space was clean and tidy.

I would highly recommend this center. I am not from Mumbai and I travelled there for my exam.

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December 23, 2019

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Bangalore GMAT Test Center - Prestige Atrium, Shivajinagar


- Test Center Location: Pearson Professional Centers-Bangalore 2 KAR, Prestige Atrium, Unit 101, Ground Floor
Central Street, Shivajinagar, Bangalore
Karnataka 560001, India
- Nearest points: Cubbon Park Metro(~700 mts), Shivajinagar Bus stand(~400 mts), 10 Mins walk to the center.
- Parking Available (A bit high price, i guess around INR 30 per hour)
- Background Noise: little bit from outside esp. when heavy honking/traffic is there. You can use Noise Cancellation headphones which are available at each desk and quite effective.
- Restroom/Lockers/Drinking Water: Available within the center.
- Computers : Very good condition, Monitors screens are of large size, i struggled initially a bit due to it. Most of the time i had practiced on 11 inch screen.
- Staff: Polite and Helpful.

My score was not up to the mark, so i canceled my score. I would recommend this center to everyone with one thing in mind about small outside noise(I prefer very quiet environment and can be disturbed even with very little noise level) which may not be same for others. Good thing is that 3M Noise cancellation headphones are available at every desk and you can totally be in your own world while giving exam. I would recommend this and will retake at same center if my fate gives another chance.

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November 23, 2019

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Test center in Akaretker, Besiktas

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by gmat club tests [?]

Located in a convenient place, accessible both by public transport and a car, entrance is not as obvious, from the yard, there is PWC office I believe. Rules weren't as rigid as I expected(or had a wrong perception to begin with), was late by 10 minutes(because of the disguised entrance, its good to come in advance) but was allowed to sit, staff is friendly and professional, you can have drink/snack in breaks, but you must take them off from your bag/backpack and put separately before sitting. There is a WC on the same floor, but you aren't allowed to leave the building. There are 4 stations, all seems new and reliable, staff provides with headphones, pads as usual, in addition you can get earplugs if you more accustomed to. Usually tests are at the morning but sometimes afternoon windows are also open, I do better on afternoon, so that was advantage for me. Overall rather pleasant experience, despite test anxiety. Thanks to the staff and good luck to test takers.

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November 19, 2019

Joined: Oct 27, 2016

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Good test centre, has qwerty keyboard


My overall test center experience was great,

1. Location
- easy to find, i took a taxi to the test centre

2. Parking
- didnt use, so no comments

3. Washroom
- Clean and tidy , big enough as per paris standards

4. Test center invigilators
- strict & pleasant

5. Earplugs the typical orange ones were provided

6. English keyboard/QWERTY was available

7. Lockers
- One is assigned a private locker to keep "ALL" the belongings , you can access the same during breaks to have snack/drink, dont access your phone/notes , they wil be in the same locker,

8. Are you thirsty? Don't worry!
- A cold/hot water dispenser is available

9. Environment
- Silent and bright, quite big sized room
This is actually a peasron office and there is a designated reception area for people giving tests/ then you are escorted in the WAR room

10. Temperature
- Moderate (Not too hot, not too cold), i was wearing a light sweater

11. Keyboard & mouse
- Great quality (The condition is good so don't worry about sounds), english keyboard

12. Chair
- Very comfortable

13. One scratchpad & one marker pen was given
-marker will dry out if you keep it open (GMAC, how can you be so naive to give such a faulty marker worldwide, closing the cap/opening it during an exam where time is everything is unacceptable, i am going to send a note to GMAT on this, not that i would be the only one/first one)

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November 09, 2019

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New Horizons Hamburg


- Was the test center conveniently located?
Approximately 10 minutes from the main train station by train.

- Was it easy to find?
It was easy to find

- Were the staff polite and respectful?
Staff was both polite and respectful

- Were there proper facilities and restrooms?
Proper facilities and restrooms were provided.

- What was the noise level from external sources (street, lights, A/C, etc)?
There was some noise from the adjacent street, but that is somewhat inevitable.

- Why would you retake the test here or in another location?
I would take the test again here because it provides a sufficient testing environment.

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November 06, 2019

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Pearson VUE Chennai is GREAT


The test center was located in the main road and was easy to locate. The facility was well maintained and quiet. The staff were considerate of the nervous test takers and were always ready to help and guide with whatever questions we had. However one down side was there was only one restroom for men and women each. Even though the facility was located in main road, it had no sounds coming from external environment. The test center also has sound proof head sets for each computer and it was super effective.

The overall experience was GREAT and I would highly recommend that you book your GMAT exam here in this facility at Aminjikarai.

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