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March 02, 2019

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Patna Center


The center should be avoided by all. I have taken the test at two centers. One in Patna and the other in Gurugram. The Patna one was far inferior compared tot he Gurugram one.There was place for just two people and the partition was not well defined. The person siting next to me could see my screen and Vice versa. The toilet was also not clean.While writing the AWA section, there was a lag between the keys pressed and the letter to appear on the screen and so the editing was a pain.I lost out a lot of time in the AWA due to this.PLease avoid this center.

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June 23, 2019

Anyone taken the test in 2018/2019 at Patna centre. What are their experiences?

August 18, 2019

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Filthy, Rubbish Monitors. Pat myself down? Seriously?


I've sat about 4 tests at the Market st location - couldn't see this on the list.

The test centre is pretty filthy. No matter what time of day i've taken the test, without fail, every time i touch the mouse and keyboard its oily and dirty.


Its disgusting.

Secondly, most recently everyone gets asked to pat themselves down.

I've worn skinny jeans and you could probably see my crotch if you looked in the right area, so I'm not sure why students need to pat themselves down before and after they enter the room. This is just stupid as there are enough cameras to catch someone cheating if the proctors are doing their job.

The other thing to note is just how absurd it is to be sat with people taking IELTS tests. The exam room quickly turns into a sweat-shop with the volume of IELTS examinees.


No two monitors are the same. Do you know how much of a difference this makes when the resolution is blown out on one screen and the resolution is sharp and perfect on another?


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August 16, 2019

Joined: Apr 23, 2018

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Gurgaon centre in times tower, MG road


Hi all, the centre is well-located. 5 stars for that.
The centre was easy to find, though I visited a night before to make sure, even if I hadn't, it was easy to find the centre.
The centre's location on google maps is a bit off, it shows before the MG road metro station (Gurgaon), but you have to keep going on the service lane till you see a Hyundai showroom. The building is called times tower, and Hyundai showroom is at the front of it. But, for the centre, you have to walk in from the side and keep going in until you enter the building. There is a coffee place on the entrance, eat/drink anything before entering the centre, on the 2nd floor.
THEY DON'T ALLOW TO DO THAT ONCE YOU'RE INSIDE (which is weird, when you're sitting in a waiting/queue with more than 10 people in front), only during your breaks you're allowed to eat/drink.

One of the centre's staff member was rude/harsh/unfriendly/impolite/bad, unlike others. This is uncalled for when you visit a test centre with all your hard work and a little bit of anxiety.
-5 stars for that

The centre had clean washrooms, which was a nice thing, but during my test slot, it was full so people had to wait, as most of the participants were starting the test at the same slot (first come first serve).
2 stars for that

I personally didn't like the staff member behaviour. I was told later on after the test by some that this has become usual in Delhi centres. I have taken the test at another centre, too, Amritsar. The staff there was polite and respectful.

I would like to urge the test-takers in Delhi, to keep in mind while choosing a centre that these things might affect your test-day performance, so be prepared for it and keep a stronger focus on the test, than on these things, which you can't control. As other centres in Gurgaon are not that close, one is likely to choose this centre. BE CAREFUL

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July 22, 2019

Joined: Mar 17, 2018

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Bad Experience with New Horizons Dubai Test Center


Hi, I wanted to share my very bad experience at New Horizons center in Dubai.

The AC was not working in peak summer in Dubai. So it was very very hot. The center provided fans and coolers which made a lot of noise. Also, there were computer servers placed in the room which were causing more heat and noise!

I felt center is not conducive to give GMAT exams and it effected my concentration and and definitely my score too! I didnt feel this this was not a Standardized exam and I dont understand how Pearson is allowing such centers to operate like this.

Did anyone else face such issues? What is the best recourse?

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July 10, 2019

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Mixed experience in Fukuoka Test Center


People here only speak Japanese. So, if you happen to be a non- Japanese speaker it might be a good idea to avoid the test center.
Next, I am 6ft tall. The person took my picture from weird angle without adjusting the camera that was set for someone around 5.5 ft tall. The proctor, however, mentioned that the GMAT camera is bad. What the heck!

Noise: Someone was sitting for other business English test and his PC broke. Proctors would walk it and try to fix it, making noise . It was a challenge to focus.

However, the proctors were friendly overall. So nothing bad on that.

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July 09, 2019

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Good environment but noise due to opening and closing of door


In this test center, there are only two problems. First, I was getting disturbed while giving GMAT due to a noise coming from the opening and closing of the door. So while you are preparing for GMAT don't study in a completely noise-free environment, study where there is bit noise so that you get comfortable studying in a bit noisy environment. The second problem is with the maker, if you left the maker without the cap for just 30 seconds it will become dry and you have to ask for maker everything which wastes a ton of time. And else everything is fine here, staffs talk politely.

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May 22, 2019

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Very Quiet and Comfortable.

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Alright then , My very first experience with GMAT and the centre i took was In andheri East Chakala Pearson vue , i am actually very glad i took that center because it was nothing but a very quiet and student friendly place. People were quiet helpful and always there when you need them for anything. One drawback i found at that time was that i couldn't find a place nearby to Eat but then i am talking about 2015 who knows if there is now available places to eat there. My overall experience was fabulous and i think if you are choosing this center you wont be disappointed

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May 18, 2019

Joined: Jan 18, 2018

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Test Center| Bangalore


The test center is very attractive and highly protective. People have eyes over your actions every second. The facility is good and helpful. If anything you need, just raise your hand and the staff will be there to help you with everything. I went there twice as I gave 2 attempts, and the procedure they follow in the test center is easy and efficient. People may get nervous that what would happen at the center, will the machine work properly or not. But they have everything in perfect order. A test taker gets perfect silence over there, and can concentrate 100% over the test. No distractions of any kind is present. Clean facility with availability of washrooms and drinking water. And yes its cold inside.

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March 27, 2019

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GMAT test center- Uunisoft Technologies (AECS Layout)


The test center is fairly peaceful and has 4 testing stations. It is located on the first floor and the location is not so obvious. I walked up the stair till 4th floor and then only realized that it was on the 1st floor itself. It is not explicitly visible when you reach the first floor. The staff was good and the systems were working fine. Only glitch I felt was during the essay in the last 30 minutes when the systems kind of restarted, which they say is a standard process during slot change(so prepare to reach before the scheduled time so as to be able to start test much before the hard stop when the restart the systems in between and you may lose 1-2 minutes. Apart from this, there was no other issue I faced at this center. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my score and that is why you won't see any verified score for my profile. I will be retaking the test in a month's time.

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March 23, 2019

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Good experience


Toronto test center had friendly and professional staff. Had no issues at all. Building was easy to find. Lockers were available for us to store our stuff.

I forgot my coffee mug and they saved it for me. I picked it up several days later and they even washed it for me.

Very nice test center. I would recommend going here. the computers were a bit outdated and I could see other testtakers in the room. But noise cancelling headphones were provided. I was also not given proper markers but i did not panic. it just took me longer to write but still managed to finish on time. So no complaints.

would retake the test here.

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