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Pearson VUE provides and maintains testing centers for the Official GMAT Exam. This page serves as the largest collection of reviews of test centers and test experiences. You can also find more test-center feedback in the Share GMAT Experience sub-forum
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June 23, 2021

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Mumbai test center - Review


I had given my GMAT on test center Mumbai, Andheri.
Overall experience was good. the staff is very professional.
I did not face the noise around at all. The room are clear and silent. Although the soundproof headphones are also provided but I did not use it, since I don't like using them.

Washrooms are clean. Locker keys are provided to be carries in the exam room .
The center had made proper arrangements for sanitization. Masks are mandatory and you will need to keep mask on all the time.
Somehow I felt the markers was not that good. It was getting dry very soon. I had to replace them twice during the exam.

Overall good experience.

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October 28, 2021

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Pearson VUE Prestige


This center was very clean and well maintained. It was located in the center of the city and can be easily reached via public transport, Although I advise people to leave an hour in advance because Bangalore traffic can be gruesome. Everyone at the center, including the security guard was very kind and cooperative. There were proper restroom facilities available as well. There is so much silence in the room that the only thing that could be heard were mouse clicks and if that bothered me I used the Noise cancellation headphones which were a blessing. Covid times = no AC but the room was still well maintained and no reason to sweat. I would def retake here but also Trust in Pearson Vue standards so will take in any other Pearson center!! hope this review was helpful, feel free to reach out to me in case of any clarification.

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October 27, 2021

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Test center review


I was scared of taking the test at a physical location at first due to covid. But this test center has maintained the really good hygienic standards such as temperature checks, limited staff, hand sanitisers at every corners etc.They are very strict in physical checks as well. They have done throughly checked my pockets, glasses and masks(a bit overkill if you as me).

The test center was also very peaceful. The desk, notes, pens are sanitised in front of me as well. The noise cancellation headphones provided were great. I could comfortably finish my exam. Over all, This center and its staff adhered to very best standards.

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October 12, 2021

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Hassle free and convenient

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I have never seen a test centre so well organised and with such a friendly administration. It really pumps you for the exam and makes the whole experience a little less daunting (exam nervousness is real). The entire process of verification and seat allotment was so organised and hassle free that all you need to focus was on the test, and not anything. This really helps in such a mental exam, like the gmat where being calm and composed is the trick. The centre is well located and can be easily located via google maps. The cab took me right to the center without having to worry about getting lost in Noida roads.

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September 21, 2021

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Pearson Vue Gurugram , Time Tower - Awesome GMAT Test Center


For my first attempt, I selected this centre 1.5 hrs away from my place after going through multiple reviews and the reviews stand true to their words. This centre is just awesome and provides a completely stress-free environment where you can just concentrate on performing your best on exam day.

I chose a 10 AM slot and reached the place at about 9:15 AM. They started registering people at 9:30 AM. All instructions are provided in a crystal clear manner, the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Tips :
1. Listen carefully to instructions and ask all your queries during the first registration. They would patiently answer your queries.
2. The lockers are great. Have your food and water placed outside your backpack inside the locker, as you would not be allowed to open your backpack during the breaks.
3. During breaks- take a note of the timing when you go out (they have a big clock hanging on the front of the exam room). Assign yourself 5 mins only.
4. Do take a bathroom break during each break. It not only helps you calm down but also helps in preventing end-exam pressure bladder situations.
5. Drink just enough water to quench your thirst. Don't over-drink.
6. Have something light to eat during breaks.
7. If possible, go in half sleeves, as if you are in full sleeves, you will have to roll it up to show your arms.
8. Check your pens before going in.
9. Take a new test booklet after each break. They would happily replace your booklets.
10. Don't have anything written on your palms. I had one candidate, during my slot, who had a smudge of pen ink - they asked him to clean it up before allowing him inside the exam centre.

Best of Luck!

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September 14, 2021

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Small tucked-in center, can't complain


The Mumbai test center is small but well located in a software IT park in one of the lower floors. Has a narrow door opening, but the guards below know it and can direct
The staff is polite (Actually they don't interact much which is good) and carries out all guidelines as necessary. I appeared during July 2020, and COVID-19 guidelines were all followed. They didn't ask for a RT-PCR report at that time.
The restroom and other facilities were well maintained and noise level minimum. However I did have a noisy chair, but with the noise cancelling headphones it didn't really make a difference

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September 05, 2021

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Good test center


- Was the test center conveniently located?
The test center is easy to locate. It is near the Barakhamba road- metro station.
- Was it easy to find?
I have read the reviews of some people having difficulty in finding the test center location. The exact location is Ashoka Estate, 302/305, 24, Barakhamba Rd, Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001.
The only problem here is that there is no parking. I have to go to connaught place to park my car. This waste my time, although they still let me in.
- Were the staff polite and respectful?
- What was the noise level from external sources (street, lights, A/C, etc)?
No noise and Ac was working properly.

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August 17, 2021

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GMAT Bangkok Test Center (BB building)


There are 6 available stations. the monitor screens are quite large making it harder to read from one side to another. The instructor is clear with the instruction. The board given was a bit old therefore you can see some black marks on them. The toilet is within the close facilities. Overall okay would recommend it. There's only one test center in Bangkok so no other choice. Pros: in the city (near subway), nearby food vendor around, friendly test proctors, free refill water fountain Cons: small room (people with claustrophobia can have a difficult time), no free parking, extra-large monitor screens

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August 14, 2021

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In case you call them, they are very helpful on the line. The location of the test center is convenient and easily accessible by a variety of public transportation. There are four available seats inside a room. The room is silent. I have not taken the exam yet, but I have visited the center and staff. Covid-19 impacts the testing conditions both positively and negatively. They let only two people at a time, yet a test taker should wear a mask during the exam. After I take the exam, I will add more details. Good luck to all of you with your studies.

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July 23, 2021

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Great Test Centre and Courteous & Profession Staff


The Exam-Centre is well maintained and clean , all COVID protocols Followed and Safe distance maintained between each Candidate.
Parking facility : Underground Parking facility is there.
Washroom - The Washroom is just opposite to the centre, since it is in a commercial Building it is a shared washroom. However it is well maintained and you wont face any issue as such.

Invigilator Reviews : Professional and Helpful. (They also keep track of your break time, provided you inform them before hand)

Environment : Comfortable. Noise Cancelling Ear plugs provided, the Screens are pretty large and placed at a height.
If someone is used to laptop then they might take some time to get used to it.

Locker Facility is adequate and you can keep your eatables in there along with your jacket, please note that you are not allowed to wear jacket inside the examination hall.

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