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July 25, 2022

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Maharashtra College - New GMAT test centre in Mumbai


I took my GMAT in the new test centre that opened at Maharashtra College in Mumbai. The centre opened in June 2022. I initially had some aprehensions about this centre because it is inside a college that is very crowded. But the rooms alloted for the test centre are tucked in a corner with no disturbance at all. Since it is a new centre, there aren't many test takers there yet and it's very easy to get test slots. I booked my test for a Sunday just 1 day in advance.

The centre is easily accessible by road and other public transport as well. Overall, there were absolutely no issues with my test experience. Would highly recommend.

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August 19, 2022

Did they provide noise cancelling headphones or something similar?

August 20, 2022

Yes. They provide good quality noise cancelling earbuds made by 3M.

August 29, 2022

Hi Aditya, two questions:
1. Is the centre air-conditioned?
2. Do they have individual cubicles with partitions?
Thanks in advance!

November 29, 2022

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GATS Pune GMAT test center Review


GATS Pune GMAT test center Review
Positives about test center are
- test center was conveniently located. and two wheeler parking is available, four wheeler parking is not available, though i am not 100% of this,
- Location was easy to find and not too far from prime locations in pune city.
- staff was polite
- the noise level from external sources was none

and Negatives are restrooms are little dirty and its small test center.

There are many slots available from 9:15 AM in morning. I selected this center for two reasons, one because of its location and other because of morning slot was available at this center only.

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September 24, 2022

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Professionally managed, neatly upkept, conducive for a high score


After I had a terrible experience at one of the non-Pearson centers a couple of years ago, I vowed to never trust these again and go only for the Pearson VUE official centers. And writing this review after my GMAT, I couldn't be prouder of my decision. I would highly recommend this center to all test-takers in Delhi-NCR.

The Pearson Professional Center at Gurugram is conveniently located inside Times Tower, which is situated on the main MG road at a 500m walking distance from MG Road Metro Station, providing great connectivity for Yellow line suburbs. Times Tower has a professional office space environment and is leased by leading corporates, hence you will find great amenities inside the building, including a full-blown cafeteria that you can visit pre/post-exam.

The Pearson center is located on the 2nd floor. The staff inside is super polite and respectful, and infuses a cheerful atmosphere that completely eases your exam nerves. The center is huge from within, is kept very clean, has ambient lightings, and 100% sound proofing from outside. It has a has a large waiting area, spacious lockers, super clean restrooms, and 2 exam rooms which can host about 10 students each. I had an afternoon slot on a working day so I didn't find a lot of test-takers, I guess there were only about 3-4 of them.

After a quick passport scan, photograph, and palm scan, I was allotted a locker and was led to the instruction zone where one of the staff members explained me various details and another led me inside to the testing room where I was provided a large fully sanitized workstation, scratch pads, and a fresh set of markers. After that it was business as usual until I left, nothing noteworthy.

Good luck to everyone.

PS: One thing to note is that although there are digital wall clocks in the center they are easy to miss from your field of sight. Take great care to stick to the time-breaks, it is easy to overshoot them by a minute or so, like it happened once with me, and panic might set in easily if the next section is your nemesis.

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August 28, 2022

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Kolkata Test center


The test center located in Ganguly street could be conveniently located. I booked a morning slot. The staff was very polite and helpful. It was very hygienic and clean. All the things like sheets, pens etc were kept ready beforehand. Earplugs were provided for noise cancellation. It was already quiet though. The palm scanning process in between breaks was also smooth. The washrooms were also very clean. Separate clean lockers were provided to keep our stuff. I would definitely recommend you to take the GMAT in this particular center if you stay in Kolkata or any nearby city. Good luck with the exam.

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September 24, 2022

Hey Aahista in the Kalighat is wearing masks mandatory during the exam?

July 29, 2022

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Comfortable Test Center


I went to take my test at Barakhamba road pearson VUE .
The test center was conveniently located. Google maps showed the accurate destination and I had no problem reaching there. It's on 3rd floor.
The staff was very polite and made sure I understood everything. The restrooms were neat and clean, and there was a locker facility where you can keep your phone, water bottle, coffee etc whatever you like to much between breaks.
The staff helped me to select schools as well to whom I wanted to send my score.
The centre was quiet and peaceful. There were many people that day, the centre was almost fully booked. There was ample lighting and air conditioning. I even started feeling cold after some time. If I take test centre exam again, I will definitely visit here only again and I recommend if you live in Delhi NCR, you should opt for this test center , it is located at the heart of delhi so you can easily reach here. Parking facility id also there but not especially reserved for person vue visitors so you might not find a spot. You can park in CP as well.

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June 05, 2022

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Pearson Professional Center New Delhi


Gave my first GMAT attempt at Pearson Professional Center, Ashoka Estate, New Delhi.
It was one of the best computer based testing solutions I have ever seen. I have given professional computer based exams like CFA, FRM and CAIA, so I have decent experience with pearson professional centers in different cities.
The center had a restroom and water cooler located conveniently near the testing site to minimize time wastage. They provided extra markers as well as noise cancelling headphones and ear plugs. The staff was extremely courteous and supportive.
If a need arises in future, I'd definitely give another GMAT attempt there, without having to worry about exam jitters.

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May 04, 2022

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24th of May 2017, The test is kind of anxiety day also you need to be comfortable at the test centre in order to give a full swing test.
PEARSON test centre exactly a TOP NOTCH centre where you can comfortably rely on and be sure to focus on exam rather than anything else.

The process starts in this fashion,
1. Firstly, you would entre the centre with all the documents necessary (although AADHAR is now in 2022 accepted its far better if you have your passport with you) and this document will be checked along with your appointment letter.
2. They will ask to drop all your belonging into a locker of which a key will be given to you which can take inside the test area.
3. Dont worry about basic things like what should i do and can i use stuff of my own, NO!! Dont bring anything apart from what is required for test and if need a banana to have in between the test. Banana specifically because as an athlete i know it replenishes your energy and boosts your overall way of lousy feeling after those complex sentence correction sentences.
4. Water it already provided at the centre hence that too is not kind of big deal to be taken.

Now coming at the test centre details
1. It is completely friendly with all the staff and theyll guide with whatever you need.
2. Theyll make you sit for minutes until they assign you a PC which they need to in those time brackets.
3. Once you are alloted the facilities are extremely top notch you wont have any internet or hardware issues and thus no need to panic at any point in time

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December 29, 2021

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Great Test Centre


Wrote my test on Dec 22nd, 2021 at the downtown location on Bay St. Great place to write, very quite and they provide you with headphones if needed. Everything is well organized, the place is clean, very spacious and is kept in great shape. Bathrooms are close by, and there are lots of lockers for storage. I was also provided with a hanger to hang my coat in a separate area to access my coat. There are also two separate waiting areas if you arrive early or just want to collect your thoughts before the test. The front desk was very helpful and i was checked in promptly.

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December 13, 2021

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London Dockyards - GMAT Testing Center


I took my 2nd GMAT exam in the Pearson Testing venue in the London Dockyards, on the 3rd of October 2018. I had a pleasant experience there, with the proctors being very friendly. This center administers a variety of exams and I had actually visited this center one day for my online multiple-choice Driving test. I saw a couple of people taking the GMAT in the center and immediately decided that I would take mine in this center.
The test center is conveniently located and is very easy to find. The staff were polite, respectful, and friendly. The day I took the exam, I was the only person taking the GMAT, and so, I did not have any issues with noise or other disturbances. The only thing with this center is that sometimes the traffic might make it hard to be on time. So, if you are relaying on the buses or the metro or the DLR, please plan to be there 30 minutes in advance.
I would highly recommend people in London to go for this center if this is close to your house.

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November 30, 2021

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Test Center Experience - Shivaji Nagar


The test center experience was quite good. It is conveniently located near the Cubbon Park Metro station and hence, is easy to find. The employees are all professional. Do take into consideration that not only does the center conducts GMAT but also other exams. There are appropriate Covid protocols taken as well with everyone wearing masks and ensuring social distancing.
The staff was polite and professional. There were locker facilities to store personal belongings. There was minimal noise level from the street. However, do make a note that there is no parking facility near the center (Or I couldn’t find). Overall a good experience.

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