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Pearson VUE provides and maintains testing centers for the Official GMAT Exam. This page serves as the largest collection of reviews of test centers and test experiences. You can also find more test-center feedback in the Share GMAT Experience sub-forum
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September 04, 2023

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Not adaptable keyboard to write GMAT Essay


My experience at the GMAT exam center at IT Bangla in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was nothing short of a nightmare. The state of the facility was deplorable. The computer terminals were ancient relics, prone to freezing and lagging, which severely disrupted my test-taking process. The keyboards were sticky and unresponsive, making it frustratingly difficult to type efficiently. To add to the misery, the sitting chairs were uncomfortable and in dire need of repair. It felt like I was taking a crucial exam in a run-down cybercafe from the early 2000s. Such subpar conditions not only marred my performance but also left me questioning the credibility of the testing center. A thoroughly disappointing experience.

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November 30, 2023

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Good test center near Bengaluru


Overall a good test center if you are looking in Bengaluru
Nearest metro stop is lalbagh and you can walk from ther if you reach early
Avoid private vehicles since there is no parking area inside the testing center and you need to park in passport seva office near to the test center
You can find a Tata showroom as a landmark for the place
Try to practice in erasable pad and marker since they provide the same and sometimes the marker won't work and you will find difficulty in identifying numbers especially during problem solving
To be in the safer zone try practicing in iPad or erasable pad

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October 21, 2023

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Smooth experience


All in all, it was a smooth experience at the Pearson VUE Centre with no disturbance during the test and adequate tech facilities (provision of noise cancelling headphones were a great plus). The staff was respectful and catered to all doubts and queries of the applicants. The centre was spotless clean and had adequate lighting for a proper examination experience. The location of the centre is also easily accessible and I highly recommend it for all test takers. The only recommendation for improvement that I have is that the proctors should be vigilant enough to observe when an applicant has raised his hand as I had to turn back and remind the proctor multiple times to replace my writing pad.

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September 28, 2023

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Pearson Professional Centre, Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by gmat club tests [?]

1. The test center is quite easy to locate if one is living in hyderabad.
2. The building staff is very helpful in locating the the exam room.
3. The test centre staff was quite professional and polite in their conductance.
4. Each and every process regarding passport verification and identification was conducted quite professionally.
5. Noise cancellation earphones were provided for everyone.
6. Computers were properly functioning.
7. Noise levels from external sources were quite minimal.

The only thing that i would recommend to improve is the checking process in after coming back from one of the sectional breaks. The checking, although quite professional and according to the rules, does consume time which might eat away some of the time from the exam.

Overall i had a good test taking experience and i would highly recommend this test centre for future test taking.

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September 05, 2023

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Here is my review -

Optimal Testing Environment: The quiet environment provides an ideal setting for test-takers, allowing them to focus and concentrate without distractions. This is especially important for standardized tests and exams that require a high level of concentration.

Helpful and Responsive Staff: Having responsive and knowledgeable staff can ease the anxiety of test-takers. They can provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure that the entire testing process runs smoothly, creating a more comfortable experience for candidates.

Quality Equipment: Good equipment, such as updated computers, ergonomic seating, and noise-cancelling headphones, can enhance the overall testing experience. This ensures that candidates have access to reliable and modern tools, reducing the risk of technical issues during the test.

Reliable Internet Connectivity: A stable and high-speed internet connection is crucial for online exams and computer-based assessments. Having good internet connectivity helps prevent disruptions, ensures prompt submission of responses, and reduces stress for test-takers.

Clean and Neat Facilities: A very clean and neat test center creates a positive and professional atmosphere. A tidy environment not only promotes a sense of order but also reflects the center's commitment to maintaining high standards, which can help put test-takers at ease.

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August 20, 2023

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Very professional


The centre is located inside the Solitaire Corporate Park in building number 9. Ensure that you reach 30 mins before the test time to carry out all pre-test formalities in time as they are very particular about the formalities. Very professional conduct during the test. Thorough checking will be done before testing begins. Staff is polite and helps with all the necessary information before the test. The washroom is conveniently located inside the centre. They provide noise cancelling headphones as well as earbuds. Headphones do a very good job in terms of cancelling external noise. Parking isn't available at the test centre so better to come by public transport.

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July 28, 2023

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Probably the best test centre one could imagine


I recently had the opportunity to take my exams at the test center, and I must say, it was an exceptional experience from start to finish. There were several standout aspects that made my visit truly enjoyable, and I'm delighted to share them with you.

First and foremost, the test center's location is incredibly accessible. Situated close to the city center, it is easily reachable via both the U-Bahn and bus services. The convenience of public transportation options made my commute stress-free, allowing me to arrive at the center feeling relaxed and ready for my exams.

The staff at the test center were simply outstanding. From the moment I walked in, their warm and welcoming demeanor put me at ease. They were more than willing to assist with any queries or concerns I had, guiding me through the necessary processes effortlessly. Their friendly and professional approach truly set the tone for a positive testing experience.

Upon stepping inside, I was pleasantly surprised by the calming ambience that permeated the test center. The interior was thoughtfully designed, creating a tranquil environment conducive to concentration and focus. The well-ventilated space ensured that even during busy periods, the air remained fresh and conducive to studying or taking exams. This ambiance helped alleviate any pre-test jitters and made the entire experience more comfortable.

Special Mention:
Now, here comes the delightful surprise! The test center goes above and beyond by offering an array of complimentary refreshments. During my breaks, I had access to a delectable variety of assorted breads, cookies, candies, and fresh fruits, providing a much-needed boost of energy. For beverage lovers, there was an impressive selection of soft drinks, teas, and coffees to choose from, ensuring everyone's preferences were catered to. And to top it off, they even offered a delightful range of ice creams! Having such treats available free of charge was an unexpected delight, and it added an extra touch of comfort and enjoyment to my time at the center.

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July 26, 2023

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Overall satisfied with the center. I took my exam in the morning session (8am onwards). The center was well maintained including its washrooms. The chairs where comfortable and keyboards were working just fine. I felt uncomfortable with the noise cancellation headphones so then they provided me 3M earplugs, which helped a lot. Instructions were clearly informed to us at the beginning of the exam. The whole center was extremely well-lit, and the air conditioning was at optimum level.

Room for improvement- We were only allowed to drink water in between sections or else take a break in the middle of a section but our clock will not be stopped. I have given GMAT exam at other centers too, and those people provided water bottles at every station. At this center, there was a common water dispenser which can be only accessed when you leave your examination room.

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June 13, 2023

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Pune GATS centre was nice


Being the oldest Pearson Vue authorised centre in Pune, they have maintained a certain standard. Just as other Pearson Vue centers should have lockers, a washroom, and an enclosed testing room, they have maintained it.
The only concer is with the building entrance, if you require a wheelchare access there isn't one. This issue isn't with the test center itself but better to know. The staff is friendly, and professional. They guide you very well.
I know where to give online exams if i have to in Pune. I have good experience while doing my GMAT exam, just that there are many slots which create a little disturbance.

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June 04, 2023

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Great Test Center Experience

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I arrived at the test center on a sunny morning, feeling a mix of nervousness and anticipation. The first thing I noticed was a small queue of test-takers waiting to check in. I joined the line and soon reached the check-in desk. The staff asked for my identification, verified my registration, and handed me a numbered ticket.

After check-in, I proceeded to the security area. There, I placed my belongings, including my phone and bag, in a locker provided by the test center. I went through a metal detector, and the staff quickly inspected my pockets to ensure I didn't bring any prohibited items into the testing room.

Once through security, I followed the signs to the waiting area. It was a quiet room with several rows of chairs. Many test-takers were already there, some absorbed in last-minute studying or review materials. I found a seat and took a few moments to calm my nerves and mentally prepare for the exam.

Before entering the testing room, a test administrator gathered all the candidates and provided us with instructions. They explained the rules, emphasized the importance of maintaining silence, and clarified the time limits for each section of the test. We were also reminded to raise our hands if we needed assistance during the exam.

Finally, it was time to enter the testing room. I found my assigned workstation, equipped with a computer, and sat down. The room was dimly lit, and the only sounds were the tapping of keyboards and the occasional rustling of papers. The atmosphere felt serious and focused.

As I started the test, I followed the instructions provided on the screen. The questions were challenging, but I did my best to stay focused and manage my time wisely. Occasionally, the proctor would make announcements reminding us of the remaining time for each section.

About halfway through the exam, there was a scheduled break. We were allowed to leave the room to use the restroom and stretch our legs. After the break, we returned to our workstations and resumed the test.

Overall, the test center experience was well-organized and professional. The staff members were helpful, and the environment was conducive to concentration. Though challenging, the experience provided an opportunity to showcase my abilities and gave me a sense of accomplishment once it was all done.

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