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September 17, 2019

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Filthy Equipment, Rubbish Monitors and excessively stringent staff


I've sat about 4 tests at the Sydney Market st location - couldn't see this on the list.

The test centre is pretty filthy. No matter what time of day i've taken the test, without fail, every time i touch the mouse and keyboard its oily and dirty.

CLEAN YOUR Equipment.

Its disgusting.

Secondly, most recently everyone gets asked to pat themselves down.

I've worn skinny jeans and you could probably see my crotch if you looked in the right area, so I'm not sure why students need to pat themselves down before and after they enter the room. This is just stupid as there are enough cameras to catch someone cheating if the proctors are doing their job.

The other thing to note is just how absurd it is to be sat with people taking IELTS tests. The exam room quickly turns into a sweat-shop with the volume of IELTS examinees.


No two monitors are the same. Do you know how much of a difference this makes when the resolution is blown out on one screen and the resolution is sharp and perfect on another?

All the above adds some serious stress and barriers to performing well on the GMAT.

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October 02, 2019

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Improved service


I visited this test center two times so far. It is located at a business park in Espoo. Not difficult to find the place.

I give five star to facilities. There is wide variety of tea you can pick for yourself in the break. There are lockers for your stuffs and little food boxes for your snacks. Downstairs coffee place if you need to grab a fast snack or coffee before the exam.

Restroom was all right. I guess it would be nice to have at least two toilet. In case candidates have break the same time. Eight minutes isn't much.

I don't have a big head but the noise canceler is crazy tight. Pushing out all the knowledge I hardly gained :P

My first time test experience was far away from desired: I barely had my breaks. I needed to wait 2+minutes to be noticed when I wanted to go out. The girl handling check-in and check-out of candidates was not very prepared maybe she just started working there. One of the candidates got checked-in for the second part of the test with 2 minutes delay because she couldn't find the administrating girl.

I feared that something similar will happen next occasion but because of the lack of choices in Finland and because of my poor result, I needed to go again. Surprisingly, for my second time, a much more efficient system has been developed. You could go out, administrative person was promptly available to check me out. and by the time I palm-checked in, the codes to enter the exam had been typed in my cp. Just needed to click continue. Way more efficient. Less stressful.

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September 24, 2019

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Finally! A better test center for folks in Pune, India.


I just took the test on September 24, 2019, and would like to share my experience of the test center. But, before I get into the details have you heard of ' The Butterfly Effect' - The flapping of wings of a tiny creature as small as a butterfly can even cause a storm.

The test center is located Tower2, World trade center, Eon free zone, Kharadi, Pune. it is not at all difficult to find the test center given the popularity of the landmark. But, it is located at one extreme end of the city. If like me, you are commuting from the other extreme end of the city it can take up to or over 2 hours(chances are you will face heavy traffic) to reach the test center. I would request that you plan your commute accordingly and keep at least half-an-hour as buffer. Reaching very early won't help you as the security won't allow you beyond the reception before 1 hour of your appointment. Still, if you reach very early there are couple of cafes located in the business park or the campus and you might consider waiting there.

Once you reached world trade center, you need to go to Tower 2 which is the first tower on the left as soon as you enter through the gate. You need to request the receptionist to check you in and she will ask for your ID and will click your digital photograph. After that, you will be provided with a temporary pass which authorizes you to go to test center located on the fifth floor.

Once you reach the fifth floor navigate and find the Pearson center as the tower consists multiple offices. Once you find it, it would suggest do not enter but rather check the nearest restroom and make yourself comfortable. Check, the time left and prepare yourself mentally for test. The gates of the test center are always locked and once you go near it security would be sitting on the other side of the glassdoor and will ask your appointment time. He will confirm with the admin and then let you in after you switch off your cellphone completely.

Now once you're in the admin will ask which exam you came for as the center conducts different exams at the same time. Once you confirm, he/she will ask for PASSPORT BOOK and will verify the details and will tell you the locker number in which you can put your belongings. He will give you a DO's and Dont's card and will ask to go through. Remember, you won't have enough time to make yourself comfortable so be prepared unlike me. All your belongings should be in your bag except eatables,medicines and eye drops that you want to access during breaks. You won't be allowed to wear the light sweater which GMAT HANDBOOK mentions and will have to store your jacket in the locker. Also, you may consider bringing a handkerchief to wipe your face in case you plan to splash water on your face during breaks or wipe off any smudge on your specs. Even, that innocent piece of cloth isn't allowed sadly and has to be kept in the locker{ not in your bag}. In short, you can access your locker during the breaks but your bag ( consider untouchable).
The test center infrastructure is very good and is in line with what GMAT claims. But, please do not violate any rules the guys are very strict in there and can cancel your score. Ask what considers to be a violation to mitigate gray areas.

I will be re-taking the GMAT again and my performance was not even close to my preparation levels. Things can go out of hand pretty quickly even before you realize. I learned a lot from this experience and want the folks in the community to not learn the HARD way.

Please, reach out if you have any queries.

P.S It is a long review, but believe me I didn't want to leave any areas unexplored so that people can anticipate and prepare for what's coming.

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September 06, 2019

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agile technologies review


Firstly, although the place is well listed on google maps and tagged everywhere, finding the entry point to the building is a task. The center is on the 4th floor of the building and the list is operational only till the 3rd.

Moving on, once you enter the test center, it is quite well maintained and the staff is cordial and well behaved. I had an issue with the worksheets they provide and in-spite of keeping my hand raised for several seconds the worksheet was not changed and i had to literally barge out and collect the worksheets myself.
Further more, in the IR section the link failed. All the candidates were then escorted outside and the entire system had to be rebooted again.The facilitator did however award us a couple of minutes for it, but the damage was already done.
This definitely led to the decline in the score of IR section and was a bad experience throughout. I would highly recommend the test takers to be careful while booking this center.

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September 03, 2019

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Holborn significantly better than Docklands

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by gmat club tests [?]

Both test centres have multiple exams taking place so be aware that both centres are relatively busy.

Docklands centre given its location is less polished and more run down. The testing room for GMAT is very small (4 desks) and I did not have a pleasant experience interacting with the staff there

Holborn is a more standardised environment and much larger. Given the surrounding area it is busier however it is located very close to the station and therefore it is more accessible than the docklands centre.

The Holborn testing location also has much larger rooms and a isolated waiting area with lockers. Restroom facilities are also much better. I would recommend you to sit the GMAT at Holborn centre

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August 20, 2019

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Moscow GMAT Test center review


Hi, folks, this is a brief review of the Moscow test center, in which I passed my first GMAT.
The center is located near the Oktyabrskaya metro station (the brown line). It takes about 5 minutes to get into the building, when you are out of the underground, and approximately 5 minutes to register at the reception and get on 5fth floor.
The personal is quite friendly: and old man and a woman. No problems with them were met; all questions asked by me were answered properly.
The room, where the GMAT is taken is of medium size, chairs are comfortable. However, the computer screens are quite small. Ear plugs are provided.
There is also a toilet near the test room and a water cooler, so all the necessary things during the exam break do not take a lot of time.
Thank you for your attention.
4/5 due to small screens and a bit old building

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August 16, 2019

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Gurgaon centre in times tower, MG road


Hi all, the centre is well-located. 5 stars for that.
The centre was easy to find, though I visited a night before to make sure, even if I hadn't, it was easy to find the centre.
The centre's location on google maps is a bit off, it shows before the MG road metro station (Gurgaon), but you have to keep going on the service lane till you see a Hyundai showroom. The building is called times tower, and Hyundai showroom is at the front of it. But, for the centre, you have to walk in from the side and keep going in until you enter the building. There is a coffee place on the entrance, eat/drink anything before entering the centre, on the 2nd floor.
THEY DON'T ALLOW TO DO THAT ONCE YOU'RE INSIDE (which is weird, when you're sitting in a waiting/queue with more than 10 people in front), only during your breaks you're allowed to eat/drink.

One of the centre's staff member was rude/harsh/unfriendly/impolite/bad, unlike others. This is uncalled for when you visit a test centre with all your hard work and a little bit of anxiety.
-5 stars for that

The centre had clean washrooms, which was a nice thing, but during my test slot, it was full so people had to wait, as most of the participants were starting the test at the same slot (first come first serve).
2 stars for that

I personally didn't like the staff member behaviour. I was told later on after the test by some that this has become usual in Delhi centres. I have taken the test at another centre, too, Amritsar. The staff there was polite and respectful.

I would like to urge the test-takers in Delhi, to keep in mind while choosing a centre that these things might affect your test-day performance, so be prepared for it and keep a stronger focus on the test, than on these things, which you can't control. As other centres in Gurgaon are not that close, one is likely to choose this centre. BE CAREFUL

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August 22, 2019

Do you have any idea about the pearson center in YUSUF SARAI COMMUNITY CENTRE new delhi?

August 22, 2019

I haven't taken a test at the Yusuf Sarai centre though I was about to book it before the MG road centre, which I feel was a big mistake.
I would recommend you go for Yusuf Sarai as a couple of my friends who took their test at Yusuf Sarai centre didn't really face much hassle as we did here.
Also, I don't know about the centre much, but I must advice you to take care of these things you may encounter and make sure they don't affect your concentration in any way possible.

July 22, 2019

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Bad Experience with New Horizons Dubai Test Center


Hi, I wanted to share my very bad experience at New Horizons center in Dubai.

The AC was not working in peak summer in Dubai. So it was very very hot. The center provided fans and coolers which made a lot of noise. Also, there were computer servers placed in the room which were causing more heat and noise!

I felt center is not conducive to give GMAT exams and it effected my concentration and and definitely my score too! I didnt feel this this was not a Standardized exam and I dont understand how Pearson is allowing such centers to operate like this.

Did anyone else face such issues? What is the best recourse?

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July 10, 2019

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Mixed experience in Fukuoka Test Center


People here only speak Japanese. So, if you happen to be a non- Japanese speaker it might be a good idea to avoid the test center.
Next, I am 6ft tall. The person took my picture from weird angle without adjusting the camera that was set for someone around 5.5 ft tall. The proctor, however, mentioned that the GMAT camera is bad. What the heck!

Noise: Someone was sitting for other business English test and his PC broke. Proctors would walk it and try to fix it, making noise . It was a challenge to focus.

However, the proctors were friendly overall. So nothing bad on that.

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July 09, 2019

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Good environment but noise due to opening and closing of door


In this test center, there are only two problems. First, I was getting disturbed while giving GMAT due to a noise coming from the opening and closing of the door. So while you are preparing for GMAT don't study in a completely noise-free environment, study where there is bit noise so that you get comfortable studying in a bit noisy environment. The second problem is with the maker, if you left the maker without the cap for just 30 seconds it will become dry and you have to ask for maker everything which wastes a ton of time. And else everything is fine here, staffs talk politely.

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