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April 02, 2020

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Barakhamba Road Center Review

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The Pearson VUE Test Center at Barakhamba Road is one of the best centers to give GMAT in Delhi.
The center was quite easy to locate as I came using Google Maps. The Delhi Metro is also very near to the center.
The people at the center acted very professionally & politely.
The overall center had all the proper facilities of restroom & water.
The center was quite silent which helped me be focussed. There was enough light in the test room so my eyes weren't strained at all.

I would recommend all the Delhi folks to give the test here at Barakhamba Road only.

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July 22, 2020

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In case you call them, they are very helpful on the line. The location of the test center is convenient and easily accessible by a variety of public transportation. There are four available seats inside a room. A room is silent. I have not taken the exam yet, but I have visited the center and staff. Covid-19 impacts the testing conditions both positively and negatively. They let only two people at a time, yet a test taker should wear a mask during the exam. After I take the exam, I will add more details. Good luck to all of you with your studies.

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July 08, 2020

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Test centre


Range hill centre is not good, systems are old and noisy, traffic sounds are also disturbing.
Try considering WTC centre, that is way better but has less no of dates available.
Knowing the nearby surrounding, the infra is easily accessible and has the peaceful feel to it, apt to give the test.

All the best. Hope this was helpful

Range hill center has had several complaints on test centre staff amd no response on breaks too. Please be careful in picking dates and centre. It is really a demotion If the test centre is not comfortable or doesn’t have test taking ambience

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June 15, 2020

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Andheri Pearson Vue Test Center Review


The test center is an excellent choice.

- Professional, explained the rules/ regulations very clearly.
- They did not interfere during the exam. Requests for additional test sheets/ markers were promptly met
- The ID testing was smooth and methodical. We are first asked to provide our passports, then sit for a photo and then scan our palms

Test Center Facilities:
- Clean, hygienic
- The testing room had well-spaced systems, was sufficiently lit, and had no external disturbances
- The lockers provided were spacious and clean
- Washrooms could have been cleaner.

- The computer worked perfectly fine. The keyboard was a bit clacky
- headphones were provided - they were of great help

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June 05, 2020

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Smooth Experience


The overall experience was great.
I reached my test center early by 45 mins. They completed all the official work including the palm scanning and locker in just 10 mins.

I was given ample time to sit down and calm myself. Once I was ready I could proceed for my test as per my convenience. Since I was early and was ready, I was allowed to start my exam 10 mins early.

I was allowed to carry a light jacket in the room and kept all my belongings outside. The room was pretty quiet and testing conditions were also good.

I did not face any glitches or issues my computer setup. I was provided with a clean scratchpad and pens.

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May 04, 2020

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Organized and Peaceful Test Centre


This GMAT test center is easy to locate as it's just opposite to the passport office. It is quite peaceful and organized. Staff present at the premises are supportive and provides proper instructions at all times after you enter the premise until you leave. The Center has proper facilities and the restrooms are fine. During the exam, you just have to raise hands for changing the erasable writing pad once completely filled, they will be there to change instantly. You won't have to wait for it.
People writing the exam in Bangalore, I would highly recommend this center to you.

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May 03, 2020

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I took the test at Dwarka centre, New Delhi, India


I took my test 3 years ago and this is a review about the test center. I guess the best thing is the silence they maintain. Sometimes it becomes an issue because you have a technical glitch and you can't speak up. They also have water and lockers outside so we don't have to go outside. There is a washroom close by in case you need to use the facilities. It is not that clean though. One thing we must remember is that the breaks automatically end once the time is over. The camera is recording everything, this can make you feel a little intimidated. The calculator is a bit tough to use, hence try to make some calculations on paper.

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April 10, 2020

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Good experience


Toronto test center had friendly and professional staff. Had no issues at all. Building was easy to find. Lockers were available for us to store our stuff.

I forgot my coffee mug and they saved it for me. I picked it up several days later and they even washed it for me.

Very nice test center. I would recommend going here. the computers were a bit outdated and I could see other testtakers in the room. But noise cancelling headphones were provided. I was also not given proper markers but i did not panic. it just took me longer to write but still managed to finish on time. So no complaints.

would retake the test here.

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March 01, 2020

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not so good but was ok


The main guy at test centre was good but other support staff were dull .the problem at this test center was that if you raise hand they donot respond quickly , they make you wait for 2 minute , . The stuff which frustrated me most was the time they take during breaks . they change 8 minute break into 4 minute break which will make your mind rushed . this may have affected my score a little bit too . good thing was that older location in newdelhi before current location was even worse as there was too many disturbances from outside . atleast at this center there is no noise interference from outside .

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February 29, 2020

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very professional test center

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The test center was not hard to find. Located on the 10th floor of the BB building, the test center was very professional and strict with its regulations. The staffs gave instructions at the start about how the day would proceed. The only comment is that they suck at keeping time of break and got me penalized for time for the next section; the official remaining break time was not consistent with the remaining time stated by the officer. Other than that, the process was smooth. The facility had a bathroom inside to prevent students from leaving the center. Water couldn’t be brought into the exam room and there was a lot of security to check our identity every time I reentered ting room. The environment was very quiet and there was an overseeing staff who monitored everything.

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