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March 27, 2019

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GMAT test center- Uunisoft Technologies (AECS Layout)


The test center is fairly peaceful and has 4 testing stations. It is located on the first floor and the location is not so obvious. I walked up the stair till 4th floor and then only realized that it was on the 1st floor itself. It is not explicitly visible when you reach the first floor. The staff was good and the systems were working fine. Only glitch I felt was during the essay in the last 30 minutes when the systems kind of restarted, which they say is a standard process during slot change(so prepare to reach before the scheduled time so as to be able to start test much before the hard stop when the restart the systems in between and you may lose 1-2 minutes. Apart from this, there was no other issue I faced at this center. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my score and that is why you won't see any verified score for my profile. I will be retaking the test in a month's time.

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March 23, 2019

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Good experience


Toronto test center had friendly and professional staff. Had no issues at all. Building was easy to find. Lockers were available for us to store our stuff.

I forgot my coffee mug and they saved it for me. I picked it up several days later and they even washed it for me.

Very nice test center. I would recommend going here. the computers were a bit outdated and I could see other testtakers in the room. But noise cancelling headphones were provided. I was also not given proper markers but i did not panic. it just took me longer to write but still managed to finish on time. So no complaints.

would retake the test here.

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March 02, 2019

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Patna Center


The center should be avoided by all. I have taken the test at two centers. One in Patna and the other in Gurugram. The Patna one was far inferior compared tot he Gurugram one.There was place for just two people and the partition was not well defined. The person siting next to me could see my screen and Vice versa. The toilet was also not clean.While writing the AWA section, there was a lag between the keys pressed and the letter to appear on the screen and so the editing was a pain.I lost out a lot of time in the AWA due to this.PLease avoid this center.

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June 23, 2019

Anyone taken the test in 2018/2019 at Patna centre. What are their experiences?

February 07, 2019

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The only time available on the day that I wanted was for later in the afternoon. Which was fine by me. However, the late afternoon staff consisted of two older individuals who seemed to be well over 60 years of age and didn't seem to understand how anything worked in the testing center.

The older gentleman checking me in asked for a second form of photo ID, which I didn't have. I pointed out to him on the GMAT instructions given to me by him, that I only needed one form of identification. He proceed to tell me that he couldn't let me take the test anyway. At this point I asked him where this rule was published, to which he had no logical response and proceed to give me the authoritative "because I said so" themed speech. I cut him off mid-sentence and told him I was going to call GMACs information 800 phone number. After hearing this he seemed to come off of his high horse and say "well I guess I'll proceed with checking you in, and if the computer asks for a second form of ID then I guess there's nothing I can do and you can't take the test".... WHAT?! All of this bull crap about needing a second form of ID for a solid 10 minutes of back and forth argument, only for him to not even have started the check in process. Which spoiler alert, only required one form of ID!!!

The second +60 year old individual was running the monitoring station and testing area entry. This lady moved at a snails pace and was extremely loud both inside the inclosed computer area and outside! If took her nearly 5 minutes to respond to my hand rise for a new marker because her book seemed more important to her then her job. Then had the audacity to get mad at me when I stood up 3 minutes into my break to get her attention because she was once again reading her book. Then proceed to take 4 minutes to check me back into the inclosed testing area. She acted as if she'd never used a computer before in her life. Thank God I didn't have to go to the bathroom, I would have ran out of time.

The both of them during my test keep yelling back and forth between the front desk and monitoring area. I could hear them inside of the inclosed testing area through my ear plugs! The older lady also had zero voice control inside of the inclosed testing area. She spoke at the top of her voice to person about the instructions screen.

Then at the very end of all of this, the older guy at the front desk didn't know how to operate the printer or the computer to give me a copy of my score. He proceed to tell me that he'd never heard of someone taking my test getting a printed score. The lady next to me was nearly in tears because she needed a copy of her exam results for her job requirements the next day. Zero effort was given to figure the situation out or look into the cause. At this point the older lady had left her monitoring station and joined in on the conversation. Neglecting all of the other active test takers. After several minutes we all hear a loud "Hello?, I'm finished with my test!" Someone had wondered out of the testing area for help because no one was paying attention to the monitors.

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January 13, 2019

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Decent Test Taking Center in Hong Kong


The Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center is probably above average in my opinion.

The building where the test center is located is conveniently located right next to an MTR exit with multiple bus stations nearby.

The test center itself is a little harder to locate as it was at the corner of the floor, right next to a local law firm.

The staff members who worked there were very strict and stoic, so don't be intimidated by them.

There was big room in the test taking center that consists of around 15 seats, all of them facing the wall in the form of cubicle partitions.

The room was fairly quiet and the noise cancellation ear plugs worked great. The AC and the lighting were pretty comfortable as well.

It's a decent location after all, but as I am done with GMAT, I am not heading back there.

Good luck to everyone else who is planning to take a test there.

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January 02, 2019

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The test center was clean and quit without any people walking around or going in-n-out. The only problem was they ( the staff or computers) scheduled every test taker at the same time and the front office was cluttered with students. The scheduling mistake created additional time and an unprofessional feeling among the staff and students. The test center offered lockers for test takers to store their belongings and beverages. There was a requirement to raise your hand and a staff member would accompany the test taker and dismiss him or her for a break. Overall, a clean testing environment with plenty of parking next to the front door.

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December 21, 2018

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There are only two GMAT exam centers in Pune:
1. GATS (Old)
2. Pearson Professional Centers (New)

GATS was the exam center for my first attempt in 2017. My experience was not good and was similar to the one described in this review:


My second attempt was on 15th Dec'18 at Pearson Professional Centers (Tower2, WTC, Kharadi). My overall test center experience was fruitful.

I will try to jot down the overall experience in a very succinct manner to help one take a right decision pertaining to the selection of the test center.

1. Location
- Well known and easy to find.

2. Parking
- Enough space for 2/4 wheelers.

3. Washroom
- Clean and tidy ;)

4. Test center security
- Very tight (Don't think about breaking it!)

5. Test center invigilators
- Very strict and are born to follow protocols!

6. Earbuds or headphone or nothing!
- 3M PELTOR Optime 98, H9A Over-the-Head Earmuffs are there on every table if you want to have a noise free exam experience

7. Lockers
- One is assigned a private locker to keep "ALL" the belongings (Read summary to know more about 'ALL')

8. Are you thirsty? Don't worry!
- A cold/hot water dispenser is available

9. Environment
- Silent and bright

10. Temperature
- Moderate (Not too hot, not too cold)

11. Keyboard & mouse
- Great quality (The condition is good so don't worry about sounds)

12. Chair
- Very comfortable (I feel like an ergonomic expert now. Woohoo!)

13. One scratchpad & two marker pens
- Good condition (Read more in summary)


- One is asked (by a security personnel) to switch off the mobile phone before entering the test center waiting area

- The waiting area, where the verification process is done, is separated from the actual area where you will fight the WAR.

- One needs to keep "ALL" the belongings in the locker. "ALL" includes your handkerchief too! (Jackets/wallets/Water bottles/ Snacks/ Digital items.......everything)

- After the verification process is completed, you will be asked to enter the WAR room where you will take your exam.

- The monitor will have a camera to monitor your activity throughout the exam (It also helps the invigilators to respond to your call for assistance)

- The marker pen is of good quality, but it drys up quickly if you keep it open even for 10 to 15 seconds. Some of the way outs are: put back the cap quickly or ask for a new pen or hard press the nip on the pad.

- You can come out of the "WAR" room into the waiting area during break time to eat snacks or celebrate the mistakes committed in the verbal section! (Every time you will be checked thoroughly by the invigilators)

- The test center is completely shielded from the noise outside

I am sure that you all will ROCK the exam. All the best! :D


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December 24, 2018

Thanks for sharing!!! Btw, what did you end up scoring??? :D

June 02, 2019

Thanks for the valuable insights!

June 02, 2019

Thanks for the valuable insights!

June 03, 2019

Thanks for the valuable insights!

June 03, 2019

Thanks for the valuable insights!

August 14, 2019

Any recent GMAT taker at GATS Pune

December 17, 2018

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Zero Noise


this center is really great for giving the exam because they have soundproofed everything, and even the instructor is good, there are many advantages of this test center first, its location, even though Pune city is quite large and it has only two exam center for GMAT by Pearson Vue, it is strategically placed, second, Staff is very polite, they have everything very well arranged in there, so you cant get confused, restroom is very clean, proper arrangement for hot and cold water, it is on the 3rd floor of the building, even if you forget to bring some thing such as Xerox, there is a stationary shop down the building , thus i highly reccomend this center if you are residing in pune

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December 02, 2018

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Review of Pune GMAT test center

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by gmat club tests [?]

Test center is easily accessible . On Maps ,one can easily track it .On reaching the location it might be a little difficult to spot where exactly it is , but there is sign board by the road that can guide you.
Staff is extremely polite and way too helpful.You get lockers to keep your stuff. Only passport and notepad and pen that is provided is allowed.Water is not allowed. Jackets are not allowed to keep with you. IF you want to wear and go ,then it is ok else they will ask to keep in locker.
Restroom is not good. Door knob was not working ,so couldn't use it .
External noises are an issue when you take afternoon slot and by luck get to be close to window seat. Mine was in morning , so noises were minimum.
Also ear plugs are provided , so you can opt for it to have noise cancellation.
For retake i don't have any other option as PUne has only this test center so probably yes , will have to chose this again.
Pearson should consider opening enough test centers in PUne.
Also there are only 12-15 slots only , so if your application deadline is near , prefer booking in advance

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December 09, 2018

Hey! Are you talking about the one in Kharadi? Because there are 2 now, the old one is on Range Hills rd, please confirm. Also, goodluck for your next attempt!!!

December 24, 2018

Hey RicAssassin,

I believe that beebuzz is referring to the center on Range Hills road.

You can read about my detailed review here:


October 30, 2018

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Not too bad

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

The test center in Surulere, Lagos was well located, although I think the description is not too clear as I was almost missed the center. Staff were okay and respectful, not totally polite I must say, but I can attribute that to one of the staff personal manner.
The facilities were in order. However the computer keyboard were not modern and I had issues typing for my AWA, it also makes noises and distracts other test takers. The test room was small and test takers are too close to each other. The center had a nice restroom and secured locker for keeping your items. Noise level was minimal and almost close to absence.

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