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January 24, 2020

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600 Q47 V25

It was an unpleasant experience. Even the first attempt followed by about 3 months study got merely in vain because of just the marker which was provided in the exam hall. The Pearson 'Lal Bagh' centre is located in the heart of the city. So reaching there was not at all an issue. the exam room was well air-conditioned, the locker was provided, the room was also quite calm. So, there were issues related to the exam hall. But, severe problem arised when i was given the marker.
First of all, the writing board was slippery due to repeated writings. They should have ensured that the writing board is upto the mark which they did not see as their priority. Appearing for the first time, I was not aware of such things. And then comes the mighty marker which would stop working after 20 seconds of inactivity. This time might be the time taken to read the stub of CR or passage of RC.
Then, I complained about the marker to the invigilators. They replaced the marker twice that also did not work as the previous marker. This was too unfortunate as well as unbearable.
So, while choosing the markers, be extra careful and check whether the marker is working properly or not.
Also, use the headphones only if it is suitable for you. I didn't use it because it was so tight.

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December 11, 2019

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It is quite reachable from the city center of Stockholm with red line metro. It is in the 6th floor of the building and there are many computers.
The staffs are very professional there. I have no problem with the computer, everything went smoothly.
There are some candies, coffee and tea, also water available for you. There are 2 toilet rooms but people are not having the break at the same time so its ok
There is no headphone to block the noise and when you raise your hand, the test conductor is quite slow reaching you when you need assistance.
But in general, everything is OK and I would recommend it to everyone

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December 09, 2019

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- Was the test center conveniently located? - Yes, it is exactly located as shown in the Google map. The entrance of the building is at the left of the Kotak Bank.
- Was it easy to find? - Yes. Except the building entrance.
- Were the staff polite and respectful? - Yes.
- Were there proper facilities and restrooms? - Restrooms are okay. No watch to check the time.
- What was the noise level from external sources (street, lights, A/C, etc)? - I could hear people talking in the reception area. Rest all good.
- Why would you retake the test here or in another location? - Closer to my location.

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December 06, 2019

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The computer quality is okay. The key board and mouse are new. The table and pen are very annoying. The building seems a bit old and the stairs are scary. The toilet is clean. The noise can be distracting sometimes but bearable with headphones.
The staff is somewhat nice, although a bit unfriendly at first but still helpful overall. The checkin process is quick.
The location is easy to find but a bit far from my place. I may retake the test here because it's pretty inconvenient to take the test at another place. Maybe I'll retake the test in Hanoi.

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November 15, 2019

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I wrote my GMAT exam on Sept 12th 2019 at 4:00 pm evening slot. I went to the center just 15 mins prior to my slot due to heavy traffic and detours because of it.
I was greeted by the front desk lady and asked why I came just before the slot and was supposed to be 30 mins early. Told her the reasons and she allowed me to enter.
Gave the instructions in a very calm and peaceful manner and requested me to pat down myself, check for any papers or miscellaneous items. Gave instructions on how to store my valuable and use the medication that i was required to take because of fever i was going through in the test day.
During the break the checking and assistant was top notch.
10/10 would recommend the center. Even the sound dampening was amazing and on top of that they offered ear plugs or noise cancellation head phones too according to our preference. The washrooms were very clean too.

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November 10, 2019

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The test center is right above the Nike showroom. The staff are extremely professional. It can get a little noisy in the room and also cold. Otherwise a great experience.

The initial check in process feels a little slow but once through, it is easy. I wish they gave some kind of a personal timer since there’s no exact way to time the breaks. Even before and after the break, the verification takes a while. So got to stay very alert in order to lose time. Also, the school selection needs to be done at the very beginning of the test rather than after viewing the test score.

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November 03, 2019

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1. it is near to my house good location
3. it is in big building so i didn't have to confuse
4.easy to find because i could see it from far too.
5. i could use elevator and it was just on 4th floor
6. in side the center cool environment, people are good
7. people are helpful too
8. center was noticeably peace too
9. nice parking lot
10. external street, lights also good
but my score .....
i have to take test again,so i will go there again.
i have already mentioned above about this center it is just perfect from my location( my house).

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September 26, 2019

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Getting there in the morning was not very easy because of traffic, but there is a lot of parking spots next to Ayalon mall (8 minutes walking from the test center).
the place itself is very clean and ordered.
the TAs were very clear about the rules, and allowed me to start my test earlier because there was a free sit.
the restrooms are not in the center itself, but are on the same floor, and are clean and available.
I wore long pants and short T-shirt so i felt OK, but if you suffer from A/C you better get yourself a pull-over.
I was lucky the TA let me take the test (according to them) because i only brought ID and driving license, but not my passport. they claim the official website recommends to bring the passport anyways so please do so.
in general, very good experience!

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September 23, 2019

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680 Q47 V36

The test center in Bangkok can be very noisy and very cramped so make sure to choose the table that is located first on the left and wear noise cancelling headphones. The temperature is okay but its advisable to bring a sweatshirt just in case. Also both of my pens ran out of ink during the test so test your pens before the test starts. Also there are people taking different exams at the same time and there are people walking in and out of the room so if your easily distracted practice a mock exam in a similar environment.

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September 09, 2019

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650 Q47 V32

Hello Friends -

Here is my review of the pearson vue hyderabad test center. I took the gmat at this center.

- The test center is very conveniently located on the top floor of the Nike showroom
- I was able to reach the test center without any hassle
- The staff is extremely professional and really helpful. They can really calm you down and help reduce your nervousness
- The facilities were in perfect order and even during the breaks, there was no chaos anywhere.
- Well, you can always have noise coming from any quarters. The key is to not get distracted by it. Although, i did not encounter much of a noise that could distract me.
- I will highly prefer to retake the test at this center just because i am not now more familiar with the place. However, people reading this review must do their own analysis before choosing one.

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