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Amazing experience with the center


There are only 2 centers in Poland. One in Krakow and other one in Warsaw. The test center in Warsaw is conveniently located at Ostrobramska 101A, 04-041 Warszawa. You can reach the location by any of the public transports. You would usually find only 1 staff member who sits at the reception. He is very polite and respectful at all times. He would guide you through the complete process before taking your fingerprints. There are 8 computers located inside a room separated by a wooden compartment. You care monitored at all times through the cams by the guy who sits outside. If you need to come out for any reason, you got to raise your hand sitting at your place. He will see you in the cams and come and rescue you. You need to be rescued in and out only by him after a thorough check. It is pretty quiet inside unless someone inside makes a noise. You can just raise your hand and he will take care of that as well. I would definitely go there if I had to retake. PS I gave 3 times at the same center.

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