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Successfully admitted to M7 with Emma’s help


I reached out to Fortuna Admissions after I got rejected by an MBA school. I chose Fortuna after researching many admission consultants. Fortuna is a unique team of MBA admission directors who provide you first-hand insider info. My experience with Fortuna has been flawless. They are very efficient, informative and professional. Even before my 30 minutes free consultation, the sales consultant (Jenifer) was very efficient and asked me to fill out a short questionnaire so she could prepare for the consultation efficiently. Jenifer was also very kind, smart, and truly understood what I needed.

Now I want to talk about Emma. It’s a pity that I can only give her 5 stars, she deserves 100 star truly! Before I chose which admission consultant I wanted to work with, I didn’t only consider experience and choice of school expertise (Emma is LBS and some European schools expert) but I also wanted to make sure that the consultant was passionate, informative, and truly cared about my admissions journey. I chose Emma after a fit call with her and reviewing her youtube video on the Fortuna channel. I’m so glad that I chose her! A lot of reviews mentioned to choose Emma if you want to go to LBS, but I got admitted to M7 school with Emma’s help! Fortuna Admissions shares the school insider info internally, so you don’t necessarily need to choose the consultant based on their school expertise, but also on their personal qualities. Emma is very, very, very informative, detailed, highly strategic, emphathetic and truly cares about you. She made sure everything was done correctly from the start, including how I communicated with the admission team. She was able to formulate my story and my unique selling points so that my application was flawless. She advised on everything, from my cv, essay, recommendation letter, interview and email communication. Everything! All this was done efficiently. You should also know that she's not just a coach, she's at director level, all her guidance is strategic which set her apart from other coaches. When Emma had to take a few days leave due to illness, she told me to email her if anything happened during that period and she still replied to my emails just like usual. Have I mentioned that she replies email like a flash? I sometime wonder if she sleep at all!

I can honestly tell you that I would not make it to this MBA school without Emma’s help. You should also know that Emma’s satisfaction rate is 10/10 and she is one of the most experienced admission consultant out there. I can say with utmost confidence that you won’t regret working with Emma. She is the best admission consultant out there.

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