September 18, 2014

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I turned to Aringo late in my MBA application process and was assigned to work with Danielle. I had already decided on the schools, did a lot of research and had a broad idea about my application strategy.
I was very impressed by several things:
- the insightful first talk with Danielle going through my options;
- I was happy about the flexibility that Aringo showed in adjusting to my needs: I wanted to do the heavy-lifting but needed some advice on strategy: topic choice for essays, planning, spins. I also had a limited budget and wanted to cover everything I mentioned with it.
- process wise: I found your example essays on your website very helpful in getting an idea about the direction in which I could go with my application (and you have so many, compared to other companies, congratulations for that!); I also liked the small rigorousness details in working with Danielle, like she confirmed receiving my emails and told me when she would come back with advice - it made the next steps predictable.
- I was very happy about the support that Danielle provided me. She’s obviously familiar with the MBA Admission’s perspective on recruitment and she put it to use when advising me; She was quick in seeing my strengths and weaknesses and worked with me to highlight the former and manage the later; She was very skilled in showing her commitment to my success: she reviewing my application essays from different perspectives, asking for opinions from her colleagues on some aspects about which we both had doubts; I also welcomed her pro-activeness: she reached out to me several times reminding me of the next steps. I really appreciated that she adapted
her approach to stick to my budget: toward the end of my application but with still some work ahead, she focused on the big picture and advised me on the key issues I would need to address in my essays and in the rest of the application. Last but not least, she was encouraging, supportive and very generous in her feedback in a manner which helped me tremendously to overcome the rough moments of discouragement.
Overall, a very happy client here!

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