February 01, 2019

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Katharine Lewis made a top business school a reality!


I first approached Katy through a free 30 minute consultation and immediately knew I needed her support and experience throughout the application process. Katy was the one consultant who truly boosted my confidence that I could meet my target programs despite self-reservations around my GRE score and relatively young age. I chose to purchase the 5 hour package. I knew which schools I wanted to apply to and wanted some guidance around essays, resumes, and mock interviews. One of most important, yet sometimes overlooked document is the resume. I was struggling immensely to fit all my experience in one page. Katy provided timely and efficient feedback, and provided insider guidance into what schools look for in a resume. She helped me fit what I wanted in one page. Then came the essays! I first started with a robust brainstorming document and gave my first drafts to Katy. What Katy truly excels at is allowing you to retain your own words and template, but optimizing it in a way that resonates with schools. Every essay I wrote, I retained 100% my thoughts and beliefs and Katy helped me articulate that in an efficient manner. Lastly I conducted a mock interview with Katy. She came prepared with school specific interview questions and gave me tangible feedback to improve upon after the mock interview. Katy has a knack for capturing real-time guidance and providing you that document to serve as a guidance moving forward. All in all, working with Katy was the best investment I made. I knew from the first free consultation that Katy would not only be my consultant, but a genuine mentor looking to help me achieve my dreams. I was able to get admittance and several interviews in the top 20. Without Katy's guidance, this entire process would have been exponentially more stressful. Choose Katy, you won't be disappointed.

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