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Katy made it happen!


As a career academic and Latin teacher transitioning into sustainability management, I was not your typical MBA applicant. I was making a major career shift and I’m confident that, without Katharine’s guidance, I would not have had the success I did. In just the initial consultation, Katharine helped me create a focused and direct action plan. She guided me through the creation of a narrative that both highlighted my achievements and captured my personality.
Once the applications were in, Katharine led me through mock interviews and the development of an elevator pitch. She boosted my ability to speak with confidence and clarity about my goals. Before interviewing for USC Marshall—to which I was recently accepted!—Katharine provided me with resources for both school-specific and general information and advice. Currently, I’m waitlisted for NYU Stern and Katharine continues to provide support and aid from reviewing update emails to admissions to creating a game plan to get off the waitlist.

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