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I initially did a free 30-minute consultation with Katy. She was very helpful during our chat so I ended up working with her further after that. There were two parts of my application she was extremely helpful with. The first one was brainstorming ideas around what my essays should be about (I applied to HBS and Wharton, and HBS has a notoriously vague prompt). She helped me decide which parts of my story would be interesting to highlight and which parts not so much. Having a third party (Katy) who was great at identifying best parts of my candidacy and working with me to highlight them was invaluable.
The second aspect Katy was extremely helpful with was interview prep. Katy did an amazing job helping me practice my interviews. I had talked to some friends who had previously gone through the interview process and the advice I was getting from them was stressing me out. Katy calmed me down and helped me practice for these interviews. If you end up working with her on your application process, make sure she is your main source of truth for the interviews and not some friends who might’ve gone through the process. As she told me “everyone attributes their success to different parts of their application/interview, it doesn’t mean they are right”. If I were to do the process over, I would practice my interviews with Katy and maybe one more trustworthy friend.
Overall, Katy really knows what she is doing and I would highly recommend her. I ended up getting into both HBS and Wharton and am Boston bound this fall!

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