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Katy cares. My X-factor to an HBS admission


Trusting Katy to guide my MBA admission process (written application + interviews) was best decision I could have made. Uber efficient with your time and money. Do everything you can to work with her. Would do it again 100 times out of 100.

Do you know why you want to go to business school? No, why you really want to go to business school?
What about [insert city name] ecosystem makes you want to spend 2 year of graduate school studying there?
Which business school is the best cultural fit for you?
What about your first job made you see the world differently in your second job?

There is no formula here. Personal answers to these questions require conversations with many people you respect and trust; I felt this about Katy after just one call. In addition, I found Katy's MBA specific experience to be invaluable - of being an HBS student herself and seeing thousands of previous successful and non-successful people go through and come out the other side of business school. Katy cared about my success, became my go to thought partner by asking questions like these, and helped me self-discover and articulate moments in my past that make me special and well suited for a particular business school.

I have a unique perspective on MBA consultants because I actually started my journey with an MBA consultant from a different firm - The Admission Advisory Group - it was a horrendous experience DONT GO THERE!. That other consultant pushed a "formula" on me for the written application and told me to wait a year before applying and I would not get in because my application did not fit into their "formula". I was extremely demoralized after that first experience with the other consultant and knew the advice didn't sound right. Now on the other side I know there is no magic formula (don't go looking for one) to get into business school, and I am grateful I found Katy to help me help myself shine.

Lastly, When it came down to interviews, Katy knows the ins and outs of the different styles at various MBA programs. Her mock interviews with me (even on weekends) helped me shorten my answers, focus on my unique aspects, and go into the interviews with confidence.

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