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Melody was exception and felt like a real partner in my application process. My MBA journey was off to a bad start, I had applied and got rejected to the only school I really wanted to attend. When I began the reapplication process, I knew I needed help to nail the re-applicant essay. Melody was the perfect partner in this. I reached out to her in late July on helping me with my application but was focused on improving my test scores until early September. I had an application deadline of October 4th leaving me just 3 weeks to perfect my essay. Melody was instrumental in providing quick, direct, and invaluable feedback. There were about 4+ iterations of my essay before we were happy with the final result. With just 3 weeks to work through this, she was incredibly accommodating of my tight timelines and was always incredibly timely in providing feedback. She helped take my essay from a generic story to a thoughtful depiction of me, as a candidate. I submitted my application feeling confident that all aspects of my application were as good as they could be... which definitely contributed to my acceptance! Very excited to be attending one of the top programs in the country this coming year!

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