November 04, 2020

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Improvement 30 Points

Course Magoosh Premium

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Improved from 620 to 650.
Mike and Cris are experts at what they do. They train you to tackle each and every pattern on the GMAT.

Quant : Questions were great . Explanations made sense and were crisp

Verbal : completed the tutorial in 5 days. That's amazing. It's comprehensive. The way Mike teaches sentence correction is perhaps the best I have seen 🐱

Best thing each and every question has an expert dictating to you his/her view and approach of solving a question.

Customer support: within 10 minutes all your queries are answered. They provide you with links to enhance your knowledge and clear all your doubts no matter how many how times you ask them.

I would recommend the product to anybody , who is trying to improve their score at a faster pace.

Best wishes 🙂

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