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I had enrolled in 2 really expensive and well-reputed institutions to prepare for the GMAT. My reasoning was that the higher the price, the better and more detailed the course will be.

However, the reality is far from the truth, and it took me 1 year to realize this. Not only were the courses a waste of time, but also they make you feel that guilt of being the loser everyone calls you.

I almost gave up on the GMAT and started to apply to programs that don't require the same. However, I thought of giving it one last shot and I signed up for the Magoosh Premium plan.I initially thought this was just another course that gave the basics and the rest was up to me to figure out.

The videos were SO DETAILED and Mike McGarry even explained the doubts I had in mind even before I was preparing to note it down and ask the experts in the chat.

My biggest concern was getting a question wrong because I have no idea to approach it, because in that case, even if you do thousands of questions, that specific question could pull your score down exceptionally.

However, the Magoosh Product + Blogs cover EACH and EVERY detailed aspect tested on the GMAT. From interpreting absolute values to when to use 2nd and 3rd conditionals. These are things that are not typically found in the other products. Yes that includes the MGMAT.

Furthermore, if there is any ambiguity, the team of experts is just an email away. At first, I was skeptical. I thought they just had a bunch of standardized messages and sent them as and when required (at least that is what I experienced in the other 2 products). The emails were extremely detailed, and they even go back and forth with me to point out what EXACTLY is the mistake! That level of commitment is something that I cannot even fathom in the other products.

I remember I had an issue with the Negation Test. Gordon(Magoosh Expert) and I emailed 2 to 3 days to point out what exactly was my mistake (stupid me :P), and that alone took my CR by 6 points.

I don't have an exceptional score, but for a person starting with 420 on the GMAT mock and reaching 610, this means a lot. I developed in other aspects of my application (GPA, Extra Curriculars, and Internships), and got into my dream university.

The entire Magoosh team is the pinnacle of what you can expect in terms of expertise. I CANNOT thank them enough for creating such an affordable product! I will be enrolling with them again for my MBA preparation, and hopefully, secure a better score.

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