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Manhattan Prep Classes


I started my GMAT course with Ryan Jacobs on June 18 2017; The course duration was 3 months. My first CAT test score was 450! After finishing the course and practicing for another 3 months on my own, I managed to score 720.

The Manhattan Prep style is that students, after each session, get a lot of homework of practicing and reading the Manhattan prep books. Both of the verbal and math books are extremely essential for scoring 700+ in GMAT. I personally benefited from SC, Math word problems, and geometry books. In addition to the homework, you take full CAT tests about every 3 weeks.

Ryan was a great teacher. My math has been generally strong, but without Ryan's help, it would have never been possible for me to score Q50. He taught us a lot of useful techniques for solving the Quant problems as short as possible with minimal risk of making mistakes. He also helped me with improving my verbal score, as well as, evaluating my progress after taking each CAT test. He is so friendly and helpful. He is still helping me to find the best resources for applying for business school. I'm very grateful to him.

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