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Advanced Course & Private Tutoring with Mark Sullivan

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I've been working with Mark ever since I enrolled in his Advanced Course back in October 2018. At that point, my sister had already taken a regular course with him and suggested that I enroll in the Advanced Course to see if I could raise my score to the 700+ level. I'm not a great test taker and I think timing in the GMAT is especially difficult, but - after his Advanced Course and several private tutoring sessions - Mark really helped me get to the 700+ I was hoping for.

Mark is a GMAT expert (he'll be able to walk you through the best way to solve any problem you throw at him), but he's also excellent at helping you maximize your study time -- he really makes an effort to identify the areas of improvement that will help you achieve the largest score improvement on the test. In particular, I think the private tutoring sessions were especially helpful because Mark and I were able to look into my weak areas much more closely (i.e. advanced absolute value, inequalities, or geometry concepts that I was too shy to ask in class). He was also able to show me quant problem shortcuts that were tailored to my specific weaknesses and create a personalized study plan that allowed me to efficiently tackle low-hanging fruit given my tight timeline. And while the private tutoring sessions are a little pricey, Mark is willing to work with whatever budget you may have. In the end, I'm extremely glad that I decided to work with Mark and I thought the Advanced Course/private tutoring sessions were absolutely worth it.

My GMAT journey was not an easy one for me (scoring a 670, then a 680 in which my verbal and quant scores essentially flipped), but I'm glad I didn't give up. Seeking the right kind of help can really make all the difference and I think Mark was key throughout my whole process.

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