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November 25 | 2016
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McCombs has been a great school to be at as I transition my career into supply chain management. The career services staff provides valuable guidance regarding companies to target, interviewing tips, and networking advice. Job placement is strong, and career services will not let you fall through the cracks.

The most remarkable thing about McCombs, however, is the student body. It is not a cut throat school, but rather a collaborative one in which students help each other rather than compete with each other.

Many students go into consulting, but there are clubs and resources for students interested in other functions. Austin is a great place to go into tech, with heavy recruiting from local companies like Dell. Additionally, many students pursue an entrepreneurial track, as Austin is a huge hub for startups.

Facilities are currently lacking, but the new business building will be opening next year.

Financial aid is generous, and tuition is the lowest among top tier schools. If you can get in state tuition, there is no reason to attend another business school witwh the strong ROI McCombs provides.

About professors, classes and curriculum

Core curriculum is incredibly challenging, but professors and students are more than willing to lend a helping hand. The first semester will test your boundaries, but provide an integral backbone to the MBA experience.

About job placement process

Many companies come to interview on campus, such as Dell, Microsoft, Apple, American Airlines, SunPower, Emerson, JP Morgan, Under Armour, Wal Mart, USAA, Cisco, PepsiCo, Amazon, etc..

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