December 23, 2020

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Stop wasting your time on forums and Youtube videos that claim to reveal the secret of the HBS interview. Work with Devi!

After receiving the HBS interview invite, I spent hours reviewing countless articles and videos to prepare and decided to buy coaching sessions with Devi. I came to the 1st mock with Devi as if it was the real interview and was really confident. I was ready as I asked several friends to review my material and did multiple mock interviews. I thought I did well, but the reality was cruel... the performance was terrible.

Devi went straight to the point and gave me feedback and tips to improve, and most importantly what kind of structured answers I should give. I was using the STAR method but my answers were either lacking details or too long.

Because of her help, I improved over time (she always gave me homework after each session) and really knew how to approach the interview. She imparted practical knowledge to me, and eventually I became more confident and ready to answer any questions I would be asked.

Thank you Devi for being a tremendous coach!

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