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Via our mock interview sessions, you will meet with an experienced mbaMission consultant who will have read your resume and/or application (depending on the approach of the school with which you are interviewing) and you will have the chance to respond to actual questions, once posed by your target school’s interviewers during their live interview sessions.
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Consultant: Liza Weale

I am an international applicant recently admitted to my dream program at my dream school, the LGO program at MIT Sloan with its amazing dual-degree offering. I was more nervous than the standard candidate because I set my heart on this program and didn't apply to any other schools. I tried out Liza's free thirty-minute consultation while still writing my application and was blown away by her friendliness and research into the program I was pursuing. The most valuable aspect of that talk was the candor with which she told me some of my ideas didn't make sense and encouraged me to revisit them. She didn’t shy from speaking the hard truth and the constructive criticism allowed me to shine. After being invited for an interview, I happily sprung for an interview prep session with Liza which really boosted my confidence and allowed me to walk into the interview without fear.
Liza was extremely methodical in her approach to helping me. She assigned me some homework and while I was focused on that, she did a thorough study of my application and my candidacy before we met for an in-person interview. During the mock, she played the role of my interviewer and afterwards, she shared her notes and provided feedback on how I could have answered the questions better. During the actual interview, I could hear her voice guiding me and reminding me the best ways to express myself. She helped me put my best foot forward to get the result I wanted.
Liza was helpful, friendly, graceful and full of positive energy. She helped me express all the passion I felt for the program in a fluid, cohesive manner. I am so grateful for this opportunity provided to me, and I could not have done it without Liza's help.

Thank you Liza for everything!

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Consultant: Katharine Lewis

Being a second year applicant, I had already laid down my strategy and noted down my weak parts on the application. So, knowing that I needed work on my interview skills, I went on searching for an admission consultant. The search ended very quickly as just after I spoke with Katharine on the free 30-minute, I knew that she is the one I needed. And indeed I was right as she helped me a great deal and I had an amazing learning experience.

To start, Katharine consulted me for about 1 hour for free in the free 30 minute consultation. She, didn't just provide me the best consultation ever over that hour, but she also helped me out connect with people that can help me strengthen the application. This worked quite well for me as I got to connect with people from my country who have gone to schools that I was aiming at going at. And all this was even before I hired her. :)

Two months later, right after I got my first interview invite, I purchased Mock Interview Service with Katharine. The day I purchased it, she sent me a lot of materials to read about the interview, studied my application in detail and provided with ideas on how to construct my interview. She was great at identifying what might be considered as weak on my application and at what I should emphasize in the interview. After that I went on to sit on that and then did a introductory mock up interview that lasted well over 1 hour. Besides consulting me over the phone, she also took notes with feedback on improvement and sent them to me. The notes and feedback was just amazing. I studied them and prepared a schokingly great second mock up interview. I was amazed at how well I answered the many questions we practiced together. I became very confident on the things I was saying and loved the way I answered them. This turned out just great as she did not just help me out rock in one interview, but in all the others I received an invite on.

Aside from the mock up interview, Katharine also connected me with an amazing current student of the school I had to interview on. The current student met with me and gave me very valuable insight and information that were useful in the interview. He was a previous client of her.

Katharine, while not obliged to do it, she helped me out with the pre interview essay, the thank you note and finally with results and decisions well after the interview.

I highly recommend Katharine for the services she offers especially the mock up interview service as she indeed helped me truly get very confident on the interviews and got out of her way to help me out in all the steps. The best experience ever.

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CBS - Mock Interview
November 14 | 2016
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Consultant: Daniel Richards

Dan did a great job of setting up the interview by laying down the basics and sharing some behavioural tips for the final interview, personalized to my situation.

Dan asked me a comprehensive set of questions, including a few tricky ones. Each answer was followed by feedback on how I could improve my content, as well as my answer structure and sequence. All of this was personalized to my profile. Dan's tone was friendly and conversational.

MBAMission's pricing is a lot steeper than the consultants in my home country, but the value-add was higher. The only constructive feedback I can add is to incorporate video in the interview.

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Liza Weale is the BEST!
April 08 | 2016
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Consultant: Liza Weale

I at first was against using a consultant as I was already stressed about the cost applying, let alone an MBA. Like everyone else, I had applied to undergrad on my own with no problem and questioned why I would a need a consultant for graduate school. I could not have been more wrong. The MBA process is a beast – it is far more competitive, far more nuanced, and forces you to think about your future in a way most people are probably avoiding.

A few weeks before applications for round 2 were due, I met a friend for lunch to talk about our b-school struggles and she mentioned she just got into Harvard round 1 and used a consultant that really helped with her resume. She said I could set up a free 30 minute call with her to see if she could be of help to me. Of course I expected 25 minutes of this call to be a marketing pitch. It was the exact opposite. She gave her 2 minute roadmap of the call and then immediately asked me what questions I had. We spent the entire 30 minutes addressing any and all questions I had regarding my application from “how should I explain my GMAT math score” to “who is the best person to pick as a recommender.” She was a great smart, thoughtful, and rapid fire responded to me. It was the most helpful 30 minutes of my application process.

Unfortunately, I didn’t utilize this resource until too late in the process and regretted every moment of it. But I told myself, if I got an interview, I wanted her guidance.
Luckily, this chance came. My interview date gave me limited time to prepare and Liza found time in her schedule to talk to me. She helped me formulate my best answer to central questions like “why an MBA at X and why X career.” She helped me organize my thoughts and then convey them in a logical, succinct way. She even set prep material so we could take the most out of our call and she was kind enough to go past the allocated time. I felt as though she was truly invested in my success and she did everything she could to help me achieve my goals. I know she helped me because I got into or waitlisted at the schools I interviewed at. I don’t think this would have been possible without her help.

I unequivocally recommend her to anyone that is applying to get an MBA.

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Loved Working with Liza
January 03 | 2016
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Consultant: Liza Weale

I highly recommend working with Liza. She is incredibly friendly, helpful, supportive, and constructive. I only worked with Liza for interview prep after being referred by a friend, but I felt like my small amount of time with Liza was incredibly valuable.

We built a friendly rapport within the first few minutes of my 30 minute consultation and after hanging up, I knew I wanted to work with her. During this consultation and the mock interview Liza was able to provide tips as well as constructive feedback that helped me prepare for several business school interviews. She followed up to wish me luck and to check in throughout the next several weeks. It was great to know I had her cheering me on. I also felt like her feedback was specific and actionable in a short period of time. I heard her suggestions in the back of my mind as I was answering questions during my interviews and I felt like it helped me take a step back and provide the most thoughtful responses.

Highly recommend working with Liza on whatever part of the process you feel you need help with!

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Thank you
December 17 | 2015
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Consultant: Monica Okrah

I highly recommend Monica!

For the vast majority of the application process, I worked with another (amazing) mbaMission consultant, but Monica conducted my mock interview for HBS.

Monica thoroughly reviewed my application materials and presented challenging questions that, at the time, I was not fully prepared to answer. She adeptly drilled down into the parts of my application that the admissions department was likely to have questions about. This served as a tremendous wake up call!

Following our conversation, Monica promptly circled back with an incredibly helpful document outlining each of the questions she'd asked/wanted to ask, and which I should focus on in the weeks leading up to game day.

Having this guidance channeled my prep and significantly boosted my confidence heading into the real interview.

From start to finish, Monica was a pleasure to work with. She was diligent, engaging, and incredibly insightful!

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Interview Prep - Rachel Beck
December 11 | 2015
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Consultant: Rachel Beck

CBS was my top choice. I was extremely happy to get an invite to interview. At that point, CBS felt like it was so close and yet so far. I decided I would do all I can to prepare for the interview. I spoke with friends that were alumni, they shared their thoughts. But at the end of the day, you need someone that knows the school, was an interviewer so knows what they are after. I was stressing about structuring my answers the perfect way. This is where Rachel came in. She stressed and stressed again that this is a fit interview. That was a game changer for me because it gave me an authoritative source about they way I should approach the interview. I could focus all my energy on one approach. She prepped me through the key questions, which was great. Patiently pointing out strengths and helping me on weaknesses. She was very flexible in terms of times at when to meet, splitting our 2 hours into 2 sessions: one on a Saturday morning since it worked best for me and another the day before the interview. She was excellent and I would hire her again for interview prep. Thanks for your help Rachel! A few weeks ago, I got admitted and I'm extremely excited to be heading to CBS.

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