March 15, 2015

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Thank you Square One Prep. My consultant, Kathryn, was exactly the personal adviser I needed to get into a top business school. After a few sessions with two consultants from large admissions consulting companies, the personal dedication that I got from Square One Prep was a breath of fresh air. My consultant really took the time to fully understand my background and my career aspirations. Not only did she help me sharpen my essays and prepare for interviews, but more importantly, she helped me with the very crucial “soul searching”, before I even started working on my essays. After just a couple of coaching sessions with her, I was able to clearly articulate my career goals and aspirations, while creating a fit with my prior experience and the specific MBA programs that I was applying to.

While Kathryn was my biggest fan, she was also very direct and did zero sugar-coating, which was exactly what I needed because I was on a very tight deadline. She helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, polish my story and present myself as a unique candidate by highlighting the relevant aspects of my work background, academics and life experiences. In a nutshell, she gave me peace of mind and took the stress out of what could have been a stressful process.

I ended up going to the Johnson School, which was exactly the right fit for me. The career path that Kathryn helped me articulate in my applications is exactly the path I am currently successfully following - so her career advice was priceless and spot on.

I highly recommend Square One Prep to anyone who wants personal and dedicated help from an outfit that knows everything there is to know about giving you a competitive advantage.

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