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In a League of Her Own!

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My MBA journey started in late 2018, when I decided that I wanted to pursue my MBA. Like many, my first step was to research top MBA Consulting firms. Quickly, mbaMission and more specifically, Jessica rose to the top. I had a few friends that worked with mbaMission so I knew, at the minimum, it was a great firm to partner with. In addition, I noticed that Jessica was praised by Poets&Quants as one of the Top MBA Admissions Consultants so it was a pretty easy decision to reach out to Jessica to set up a 30 minute consultation. It was evident from the onset that Jessica was EXCELLENT at her job. Jessica exceeded my expectations and here is why:

1. Unbelievable Story-Teller: Jessica is unbelievable at helping you tell YOUR story. I was worried that I was coming from an over-represented applicant pool (IB, Consulting, PE, etc.), and that I would not be able to distinguish myself from my peers. However, Jessica mitigated that very quickly for me. Her initial brain-storming document helps you think about your entire journey up until the moment you work with her. Where you grew up, which countries you traveled to, what are your hobbies, did you have a life-altering experience meeting someone, etc.? All these questions and more helped me tell my story and why I was a unique candidate. Coming from an Investment Banking background, I would of never thought that I would talk about why I started taking acting classes, and how that translated into a second career, and ultimately how it positively impacted me at work. Jessica turns over every rock to find a gem in your story.
2. Honest Feedback: I can’t say this enough. Jessica tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. We went through my resume, grades, test scores and she helped me evaluate which schools were the best for me to apply to. I did not get my optimal GMAT score the first time, so she strongly advised me to re-take it even though I thought I could get in with my current score. Jessica helped me stay grounded and helped me explain that while that score might have been acceptable last year, this year’s applicant pool was much stronger, and that I needed to re-take the GMAT. Being one of the best at what she does, Jessica was able to highlight what my target school was looking for. For example, if I had a “flaw” in my resume or application, Jessica was able to focus on the positives of the setback or flaw, and focus on my strengths.

Without Jessica, there is absolutely no way I would have gotten into Columbia Business School. I am so fortunate that she had a spot open for this year’s application cycle. Her patience and guidance with me throughout the process is something I’ll always remember and be grateful for. She is truly in a league of her own.

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